Team Organization XIII - The Disbanded [Team Dead]

By Trothael, in New Key Bearers

man i got stranded on the road when coming back from a UFS tourney it sucked....

This website is starting to lose Momentum. There has to be someway we could improve the situation with the website.

You mean this forum or the organization forum? And man I keep forgetting to check up on here but I am ever so close to finishing my comic just gotta finish one character color and the highlights and shadows for everything than i can start printing and selling! wootz!

Maybe hings will pick up once the KHII set comes out with the new deck...also hello again everyone

YO SQUIDMAN!!! Lol I think the game would pick up a lot better if they advertised it better and got some organized play to and such lmao that would be the most thing to help lol. Cause i remember my friend complained that they didnt do it well cause that thing about the kingdom hearts tourney at gen con where roxas and such people but there free L&D box, my friend complained that he asked all the ffg people and none of them knew what the hell he was talking about and he couldnt even find kingdom hearts cards to buy. lmao but that was then and this is now..... Which I dont think much changed there lol Oh well its still greeeeeaaaaatttt either way and Tony the Tiger will vouch for me and the mini wheats on my shoulders. I ate a double helping so I could know what I was talking about lmao.


Hey I would like to join the Organization =^.^=





Okay then...Hyper much? (jk)

But yeah they have done an awfull job advertising, plus they are just too hard to find anywhere (I know of several people that want to play, but they just can't find any cards.) is like the worst day ever ¬.¬

Greetings everyone.

Kiro - Tad hyper, eh?

DylanBrooks - Good to see you, dude

Catmaninja - I'll get back to you about joining. You'll have to take the entrance exam on our forum, remember.

yep =^.^= I don't know if I'm ready yet Kiro hasn't taught me all I need to know yet ;D

HYPER!? I'm not hyper.... lmao Though thats why my comic is HyperRing with HYPER forms lmao

Aw don't say that it makes it sound like I haven't done anything lmao.

Walked into Target the other day and found out they don't sell kingdom hearts cards anymore...... it sucks oh well.

While I'm in Orlando I'm gonna see if I can find a place there that has em.

And thanks for all the help Kiro I learned alot ^^. And ha I beat you!!!! (Although you did just make a deck on the spot and helped me with mine, and at one point I had one HP and gotrly lucky) but I still won one time =^.^=

If you guys are interested, week 2 of the Sunday tournament sign ups are up. It's in the Colesuem if you"re interested


I participated in two matches.

The first was against Ecomics, and I won. The second against Simba, it was cut short because he had to go.

Another two matches, both against Ecomics. The first I won because he gave up after my amazing first turn (Don Lv 1 > Bambi Lv 3 > Sephy with Ultima and Soul Eater in my hand) and the second was undecided since he left and never came back... though if he did, I just challenged him with a Soul Eater and he had 2 HP left and 1 card in his hand. My total attack power of my cards were 53. So I could've won.

Yet another match, this time against BDC. I lost. He had a really effective WR! His deck was awesome.

K, I don't want to spam up our thread with my matches, so I'll make a topic in the team site where everyone can post their matches for Heart points.

Cheers, Card_Breaker. I'll post the few matches I've played in the past weeks there.

I'm convincing my new girlfriend to play, since she loves KH and TCGs ^_^ Though I could do with more than two set 1 decks...

From your post, you're currently on 9. Oh, and I affixed yours and Kiro's ranks as well.

It's about time I started posting again. FEAR ME FOR I SHALL ONCE AGAIN ACTIVELY POST!

Gah >_>; It's about time I updated that banner. I know it's our ancient, iconic banner and all, but I feel I can do better.

Gave you those extra Hearts, Breaker .

Oh, and I'm downloading Lackey at last.

Thanks! 10 more til rank 3! Also, will Organization decks be counted for the Dark deck requirement?

And I agree about the banner... it is kinda bland. Also, It could possibly be made to fit the page?

Card_Breaker said:

Thanks! 10 more til rank 3! Also, will Organization decks be counted for the Dark deck requirement?

And I agree about the banner... it is kinda bland. Also, It could possibly be made to fit the page?

Yes, it does count.

I'll get to work on something.

Congratulations to Card_Breaker for being the first member to reach rank 3.

I GOT THE KING! YAY Ok but cant wait for the next set imma be playin Roxas and world rushin like crazy lol Though i played my friend the other day with Ansem and i locked him down on my 5th turn cause i Parasited his Sephiroth and had out Oogie Boogie, Maleficent and Jafar on my side of the field. Then next turn he played cloud and some other people and then on my turn i played another Cage on his cloud and played Hades and Captain Hook lol and also had a Sea Neon for no attack cards and filled up his traverse town lv2 with 4 guard armor pieces lol That was fun.

As of July 15, I will be in California for the rest of July and I think some of August. I don't know if the camp I'm going to will let me access this site, so if not, I'll see you all when I get back!

That sucks camp... lol Im glad i dont have to go to any anymore those places were horrible. Each day something bad happened to me. lol