About the Archive

This site is a read-only archive of the Fantasy Flight Games community forums. It is still a work in progress, with both data and features updated periodically.

Please let me know if you find any issues.


To the best of my ability, all forum post content have been archived, as well as images hosted by the original forum. Certain data, such as reactions to posts and user profile details are not included in the archive. If you wish to view that content, click the "View on WayBack Machine" to view the version hosted by the Internet Archive. While not an exact copy, I tried to keep the design and layout similar to the original forums. The URLs should also be mostly compatible, accessible by just changing the domain name.


A relative latecomer to SWRPG, I've been thoroughly engrossed by the system and devouring any and all information about it. The FFG community forum was one source I enjoyed reading, and was constantly finding content new to me in the forums. With the impending forum closure, I decided to apply my professional skills to provide an archive of it.

I originally planned to just archive the Star Wars RPG forums, but once that finished, decided to expand to all of the forums. The Internet Archive has thankfully archived much, if not all, of the forums, but I wanted something easier to work with, yet nearly as comprehensive.


I wrote a custom spider using scrapy to crawl and extract the forum contents into a database. That data is then in turn served by a web app written in Python using Flask and SQLAlchemy.


I write a blog about analog gaming in Japan called Entropic Dreams and can be reached there, on Twitter @EntropicDreamer, by email [email protected]. There is also a thread about the archive on the SWRPG Community website.