Arkham Horror Statistics Reports

By Tibs, in Arkham Horror Second Edition

I'd like to suggest a new statistic about expansions: their difficulty based on number of investigators.

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Hi guys. In response to the success of the "game length" category in the Eldritch Horror spreadsheet , I just added back in the "game length" category that I took out of the Arkham spreadsheet so long ago.

Just enter the length of the game (sans setup and teardown) in minutes , and at some point I'll add in a "game length" results page.

May I ask you why minutes are the unit? It's the least objective unit you could use. The number of Mythos cards gives perfectly an idea of how fast paced or slow the game was. Minutes... playing 5p or soloing 5 investigators will give you completely different results. Plus, a non-frequent player of AH will play a game in probably twice the time you or I can play it.

Because I want to know the length of the game as a function of players. If it's anything like in the Eldritch spreadsheet, it should give back a simple linear relationship with error values to account for scatter.

I wouldn't worry about how long it takes you to play, since you would know that value very well!

:laughter: true. Ok then, let's see if there's a linear relationship or not :D

It's pretty linear.

I spent a few hours going through the old archived data and pulling out the times that people had entered in back when that column existed.

So as of this post, the value's ringing in at about 76 minutes, plus 23 minutes per player .

Go see for yourselves!

Edit: I've also discovered a trick to add in standard deviation, so there can be error bars on the plot.

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It's interesting comparing AH & EH. Base time for AH is longer than EH, but the extra time / player for AH is shorter. I'd have expected this the other way round.

Yes, I was a bit surprised too. What I'm not surprised about is that the error bars on game length appear to be proportionally smaller for Eldritch Horror , even though it has about one tenth the data points as the Arkham spreadsheet.

Just a friendly reminder: the Time entry requires the play time in minutes . If you put something like "2.5 hr" it is a string and the formulas would crash. I've now hard-wired my code to ignore anything besides numerical entries outright.

I'll try to catch and correct such entries if I find them.

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To the Time tab I've added the length of the game with the expansions mixed in . To decouple expansions from investigator count, I tallied only games with 4 investigators (the majority of all games, a bit over half, are this number).

What's interesting is that every expansion makes the game shorter! I interpret this as being a combination of effects: games with expansions are more likely to have experienced players (who do not have to look up rules and who better understand victory strategies); and games with expansions are harder, and harder typically means the game ends quicker.

Another surprise is that Miskatonic and Lurker top the charts as the lengthiest single expansions, surpassing even the board expansions. I'm assuming this is because they've had the fewest plays and that players might be a bit iffy on the best strategy to win.

"All 8 expansions" is ringing in at 3.5 hours on average, which is the value I've been citing for some years as my own experience playing with all of them. Of course, this is a bit circular: that number is derived probably in a large part from the all-expansion games I've played.

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Hey, I just got into Arkham horror and I am loving, thank you for doing this project of yours, it is really awesome!

Ugh, just submitted a win against Ithaqua with my score as my nickname. Switch "16" with "Chronicles" please.

just had the devouring gate eat two people at once... wish I could post that on the sheet XD

so for submissions, what exactly counts as using KiY and Lurker? Because often I'll play with the lurker gates and relationship cards but not the lurker himself, which takes out the pacts.

Generally speaking, it was said that the dominant trait (i.e. the reason why you thick a box) is the presence of Mythos in the deck. In the example given, the presence of the Lurker is not relevant for checking the expansion (there are specific lines asking for what Herald was used, and so on).

Hope this helps!

Julia's right. Specifically, there's a difference between the Lurker expansion and the Lurker herald . You can use one of these without using the other.

If you're using an expansion's Mythos cards or expansion board, you should check that expansion. Otherwise, honestly, it's up to you, but I'd say if you're not using either of those things then you're not using that expansion.

Is it possible to add a "Custom" option for certain inputs such as Investigators, AOs, Heralds, Institutions, and guardians? It doesn't even need an input option, but just a stat to show that some people use a variety of custom things.

Is there a way to do some custom searches with this data? For example, if I want to see the Investigator results, but only for teams of 2-4 players. I tried downloading it as an excel spreadsheet, thinking I could do it that way, but it wouldn't download in that format.

You're right, it seems to crash when downloading as an excel. It's probably too big to download now.

Maybe you should try your luck with a csv file.

You're right, it seems to crash when downloading as an excel. It's probably too big to download now.

Maybe you should try your luck with a csv file.

The csv format only allows the current sheet to be downloaded. I was able to download all of it in the opendocument format. HOwever, if I try to filter out certain results from the submissions, the data elsewhere does not update. Any ideas?

Not really, sorry. That sounds like an issue with Google docs. I'm not much of an Excel expert, either.

Chris, give a look at the entry 2615. A victory by closing gates scored in 10 minutes (in a six-player game). Something went wrong with the time, probably.

I'm surprised that Y'Golonac only wins 39 percent of the time. I've found him to be an absolute BEAST and Heaven help you if you rip a ton of Tomes or have a Ghroth as the Herald.

He's coming out ASAP and he's tough in combat.

Only 8 GOOs are tougher than Tsathoggua and that has been my experience, too. Malaise doesn't seem like it is that bad, but losing out on some buildings, especially the

Science building, totally sucks. And Heaven help you if you get into combat with him. You are toast. He has a 98 percent victory rating in combat because he's at -6 and can easily

devour tons of Investigators before the fight even really begins. .

You might as well just save yourself the time and say he's an Azathoth variant. The guy's the truth. I never want to play against him.

Biggest surprise? Glaaki only getting 36 percent of his games. He's had quite the fearsome reputation as a Bad Mamma Jamma for so long but he's really not getting the job done.

I wonder why that is. I think he's brutal.

Glaaki used to give me trouble too. But if you can keep the terror level in check, he stays sound asleep.

Is there any way to get this copied for personal use to track my own stats? The form/sheets I mean. Sorry if this had been asked before. If not that's okay :)