Descent fans, where are you? [Post-it?]

By Bashwilly, in Descent: Journeys in the Dark

McKinney TX USA (Dallas TX Suburb)

Denver, Colorado, United States

Winipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Map Update!

I am from Evergreen Park, Illinois. A little suburb southwest of Chicago. happy.gif

Map Update!

I'm in Memphis, TN YAHOOOOO

This is a pretty sweet system you got here!

Add me on the list at Layton Utah USA

I am from Milano, Italy.

I play with a friend of mine.

All the expansions but Tomb of Ice.

Moss, Norway here.

I have Vanilla Descent, WoD and RtL.

Please sticky this thread: it's really good for the community.

I nominate this thread for getting stickied.

Please add my Team:

2 players: One in Somersworth, NH, One in Kittery, Maine or you can just add one location for both of us in the Portsmouth, NH area.

Wijchen, Netherlands (Near Nijmegen)

Colorado Springs CO

I own JitD WoD and RtL w/ some painted figurines

Map Update!

It's a good idea to Sticky this tread but, I can't do this lengua.gif I don't know where we can ask for this!?!

This topic was lost on the wave of flood lengua.gif

Bremerton, Washington.......have 8 players including my self.

Taunton, Somerset, UK. Got a regular group down here.

Gatineau, Québec, Canada. Own all expension up to and including ToI. Part of a group of 3 regular RTL Descent players all in Gatineau.

I'm from Helsinki, Finland. Nice to meetcha!

I currently have vanilla Descent and WoD. I usually play with my brothers and my gf, though I've introduced the game to many of my friends.

I am in Bethlehem PA, USA. Descent rocks!!! Ever since Hero Quest I have been waiting for somthing similar but better. Now it is here!

Also I second the sticky nomination.

Map update!

It 's a good idea to sticky the topic... I will ask it in the title.

Sure, add Lisle, IL

Map Update!

Hazel Park,MI here.