The Poll as it should have been, please add you honest answers anyone...

By Armrek, in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Mikael Hasselstein said in the Nurgling poll I made: I'm not sure what your poll is meant to accomplish, given that people who would answer 'no, I don't know what a nurgling is.' are probably less likely to respond to the poll.

Ans I answered that a statistics of the experience that writers in this forum have with WFRP would be interesting. So I've made a more direct poll. Please answer these three questions:

1. Have you ever owned a version of the WFRP 1st ed rulebook?

2. Have you ever owned a version of the WFRP 2nd ed rulebook?

3. Do you own the WFRP 3rd ed core set?

And after all I think Jay owes us a session demo video gran_risa.gif

Yes, Yes, and Yes



As soon as it is available here, I'll own one.

And if they will ever do a fourth edition, be sure I will also buy it. I love that world!

Armrek said:

1. Have you ever owned a version of the WFRP 1st ed rulebook?

Several times and still have a copy, as well as several source books for it.

Armrek said:

2. Have you ever owned a version of the WFRP 2nd ed rulebook?

Three copies, I always buy multiple copies of core rule books that I like and we play. I also have the entire line of books for the game. I am a bigfan and supporter of 2E. I use to gift a copy of the core rulebook to friends for birthdays and christmas to spread the game, I did likewise for Dark Heresy and will do so for Rogue Trader.

Armrek said:

3. Do you own the WFRP 3rd ed core set?

Its not out yet is it? I doubt I buy a copy of it, but if the booklets come up for individual sale on ebay I may grab those to check out the fluff and rules to some degree. But overall, I wont be on the 3E wagon.



As soon as I can get it :)


is there a delete function, here?

1. No

2. Yes

3. As soon as it's available


Yes, along with every book in the edition

If reviews/demos convince me to (not even close to being out in England so far as I know)

1. No

2. Yes

3. Maybe

1. No, unfortunately I was only Warhammer player back then. I had some of those books, but they are lost now sad.gif

2. Yes, every book that was translated to my native language (this means that I have first 14 of them only, and I'm not happy with that because I was denied such addons as Tome of Salvation, or Night Dark Masters - NO pdf does not count, especially when it is in different language than the rest of my books, so no way I'm buying any pdf).

3. I plan to buy it as soon as possible (and this time I will keep to original language version, I show my middle finger to native publishers now, I am REALLY dissapointed by their actions).

1) Yes as I own all the expansions and mostly all of the adventures that were published (I miss chapters 3-4 of the doomstones, Castle Drakhenfels and the LicheLord one)

2)Yes as I own almost everything that came out (bar Forges of Nuln, Shades of the Empire and Thousand Thrones)

3)Nope. And I will start buying it only if it will appeal my gaming tastes.

1) yes and I played it many years befor 2ed has showed up. I still have my copy of the rulebook

2) yes

3) I will get my copy of the core set as soon as it will be avaliable. Can't wait to buy it and try it.

Still I would like to see the demo adventure on the net, to play it with my friend that will not have the oportunity to be at Emperors decree.

Please Jay, give as the demo adventure on the support page. :)

1) Yes

2) Yes

3) Almost definately - given that my group has largely dissappeared it may be suitable for a low (sometimes only two) number of players / GM. Will have to wait and see on this front but Warhammer has always been my epitome of what a RPG should be (with a few tweeks).

1. Yes, a few copies, including one of the limited edition ones.

2. Yes, a regular copy and one of the limited eidition ones.

3. No, probably won't be buying it.

1. Yepp.

2. Yepp.

3. Yepp. Or well, when it's released.

Macd what happened?! :D

Poe said:

Macd what happened?! :D

Eh? Oh, if you mean my answer to 3, I've stated before that I wasn't going to be buying the game. I think it looks good, but I'm unlikely to be running a WFRP game any time soon. $100 is too much for me to spend on a game I won't be running full of fluff that I've already read.

1) Yes
2) Yes, but we never converted our game over to this edition rules wise
3) Will when it comes out

1. Yes. Twice! And a whole lot of campaign books (Something Rotten in Kislev anyone?)

2. Yes. Boy howdy was it great (Tome of Corruption is probably one of my favorite RPG sourcebooks ever).

3. As soon as I can get my greedy hands on it, yes!

"no I am no toad or frog, I am Tsathoggua"

1) yes. about 80% of the total products

2) yes. 100% of total products

3) no, but will purchase as soon as possible.

4) oh yes I am a big fan of Call of Cthulhu rpg

5) nah, not so big fan of banana flavoured jelly

6) yes, I am making up questions as I go lengua.gif

7) Wont answer that one, to personal.

8) hmm meaning of life? now thats a tough one,

9) pass on that one

10) Did I pass?

11) oh yes I think monthy pyhton is a odd name for a debate program on telly

1. Yes.

2. Yes.

3. No. Well, not yet. I'll make up my mind after I've read a few player reviews.

1) Yes. I was gifted the Core book to provide more info for our 2e game.

2) YES! YES! YES! I own 2 copies of the core book, and practically every other book except about 5 (Shades of Empire, Forges of Nuln...) I just got Realm of the Ice Queen in the mail today (bought for cover price, so I was ecstatic, considering the ebay/Amazon prices nowadays).

3) Yes! Pre-ordered. I will likely convert to this game outright if it works as a system, or merge with 2e where it makes sense and play a home-brewed 2.5 edition.

1. Yes (with almost all the supplements)

2. Yes (with all the supplements)

3. Nope... this edition is an Abomination unto Nuggan

4. Most certanly! 4:th edition will be great!

1e: yes, along with multiple copies of most supplements, but at least one of each.

2e: yes, along with many, but not all, of the supplements.

nWFRP: Pre-ordered along with the Adventurer's Toolkit, so I will own it as soon as possible.

Yes (And all the supplements), Yes (most of the supplements) , and and when it is released yes.