On to the Break of Dawn - Discuss the Set IV Card of the Day Here!

By ffgjaffer, in Traverse Town

the way the organized it was a little ridiculous though, they could have done a little bit better with it lol.

Anyways, who thinks Ansem will be extremely hard to pull off now? Kingdom Key destroys him in one turn no matter what level you are...

idk it all depends cause it only really works well on Ansem but then seeing this not many people will play Ansem. And in tournaments or regular gameplay there is not such thing as a Side Deck so if you put Kingdom Key its taking up 1 slot that could be used for a better equipment that would only work well on 1 player, which is a player that a lot of people don't like to play as. So it's not so much as it makes Ansem bad its just kinda making you think more about situations in decks where you can't change anything about the fact if you should waste spots in a deck for a specific player card that most people won't use. Though just because now you know that everyone might be thinking that and someone would take this as a way to use Ansem to no ones suprise, though because someone new that also they could add in Kingdom Key, but though then the person could have saw this coming and not used Ansem just so someone could waste a spot in the deck... LMFAO Yea... Sorry if I went stupid with that lmao but me and my friend were actually talking like this when we saw Kingdom Key and Ansem lol.