An open letter to FFG

By Whitman, in The Lord of the Rings - Print on Demand

If they sold an expansion with an additional set of the non-hero cards, I'd buy it. Perhaps even two. Small box with no manuals, just the cards. Perhaps even a pair of threat trackers.

No question this is not only the ethical, but also the penny-wise thing to do! I want to play with more friends (four players), but when doing so I have to content myself with relatively poor and non-thematic decks because my budget is limited. This is a great game, and make no mistake, but I'm more likely to spend money on indie games that cost less, especially if I feel I'm being cornered into buying an entire core set just to get a few cards/ components I need to make the game more playable with more than two players.

Remember your roots FFG! Power to the players!

I would buy.

I would buy it immediately.

also here... they say they do it to provide a better game experience in the box by having a bigger mix of cards. while that is understandable not having an add on pack to complete the play set really makes no sense.. all the LCG box sets do this

+1 to this idea. I can even imagine purchasing this, then adding a few other LOTR LCG items on the order simply to save on postage.

Indeed. Do the right thing, FFG.

I would buy immediately.