An open letter to FFG

By Whitman, in The Lord of the Rings - Print on Demand

Dear FFG

LotR LCG is one of my favourite games, but the card ratios in the core set are so frustrating. Could you please consider releasing a Print on Demand pack that contains extra copies of all the cards of which there are fewer than three copies in the core set?

I, for one, would happily buy such a product to get play-sets of all those cards. I know many players have shelled out for a second core set, but I have a limited gaming budget and I primarily play solo. As such, a second core set represents limited value for money for me (and wouldn't even get me full play-sets). Being able to pick up those cards alone would add to my core set deck-building options without breaking the bank.

I hope you will consider my idea as a cost effective solution to what is a relatively common player gripe.



if you want this noticed i would post this in the main section.


Not a bad idea, rich. Cheers!

You can always use proxies. Unlike normal CCGs you can't really go to a card shop and buy singles for LCGs. Kind of annoying when certain cards like Gandalf are auto-include in every deck.

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Thats not true. Usualy i dont pick up Gandalf unless i have 6 free spots in mine deck (for 3 sneak attacks and 3 gandalf) So simply Gandalf is only in certain leadership decks.

I look forward to the day my card pool makes Gandalf redundant! (I'm sure he does, too. That guy puts in some hard miles!) With just one core set and Hunt For Gollum, however, Gandalf still has plenty of work left to do in my decks.

Thats not true. Usualy i dont pick up Gandalf unless i have 6 free spots in mine deck (for 3 sneak attacks and 3 gandalf) So simply Gandalf is only in certain leadership decks.

The sneak attack combo is nice but I'd argue Gandalf is the awesome sauce of any deck.

The most problem with Gandalf is that he is cost 5 and he have to be discarded after turn. Instead of Gandalf most of time u can buy 2 characters that could last longer (for example Fili + Kili(ability of Fili) + any dwarf for 2 cost). In Outland Deck u can buy 3 or even 5 characters for 5 resources(and if other than leadership u can draw cards if u get Lord of Morthond). Thats why i dont realy enjoy Gandalf.

I completely agree with this posting. It is silly that I'd have to purchase three core sets to get the maximum of three for certain cards. I really wish there was a print on demand for this so that we can purchase it and save money to buy other things from FFG.

It is so expensive to buy cards on ebay ! I sure agree

I agree.

I've stopped playing LOTR but I'll support this.

If you can have up to 3 of a card in a deck, then there should be three of them in a pack.

Netrunner has several cards (including the faction cards) that are "one per deck", appearing 3 times in the expansion pack.

I completely agree.


/signed, would definitely buy a booster like this.

I would buy this too certainly, whereas a second core I would only look for cheap on ebay second hand (which wouldnt get FFG any income)

I think it s a great POD idea and would be more than welcome. People wanting to play 4 player will still buy new second core sets just for tokens and such.

Agreed. This is a big gripe. I got singles of all the 2x cards on eBay, and made 2 more copies of a few 1x's, but this should not be necessary.

Absolutely fantastic suggestion. I already bought two core sets but I still want a third unexpected courage and horn of gondor, etc. I don't want to proxy or buy a third core. It seems they should give us an alternative to secondary markets. I completely agree.

Great suggestion. I made trades for 3 core sets, but would gladly have bought this.

Have you seen the core set for sale at Barnes and Noble? someplaces are $16 and some are cheeper...

excellent idea

+1 ! I need this so bad... It'd be really sad if I had to buy singles from someone on ebay...

Problem is, most of the singles ebay auctions are almost as expensive as a core set (especially when postage added and a lot of main card stores will freepost a core)

So you think for not much extra you get spare tokens etc and think just get another core, so FFG get to sell another core and make cash.

Soooo, we have to hope that FFG will consider it a loyalty reward to players who are already spending money, and please produce this add-on product.

I myself plan to buy another core someday to make my game collection 4-player (tokens etc) so would be very happy for a small addon pack with just the singles to complete the card pool.

Please FFG

Just throwing my vote here - FFG, this is the right (as in morale) thing to do here.

I would love to see it but I'm not holding my breath. A FLGS with a sympathetic owner might be more likely to do it since he doesn't burn profit by mailing it to you.