I'm pumped!

By izrador, in Midnight Second Edition

I own all the print books as well including 1st edition. This may be the start of something cool!

Personally, I would love to see Midnight come back in the format of the new Warhammer RPG.

C'mon FFG, spill your guts, what's up your sleeve?

I concur!

I also own all published Midnight products, and would buy any and all new material published in support of Midnight, regardless of game system. The one campaign I have been running for the past three years is set in Midnight, and my four, soon-to-be five, players love it.

If there's going to be a relaunch, my preference would be that Midnight either be converted to the Pathfinder RPG rules, or to its own unique rule set. Don't peg yourselves to any rules set developed by WotC.

I'm hoping we'll see a Midnight Kickstarter soon!