A Dog at Dog World - tonight's scenario

By Emirikol, in WFRP Gamemasters

We started A Dog eat dog world tonight. Link to '05 Fan Scenario Contest entry: web.archive.org/web/20080517054109/http://www.blackindustries.com/

I thought that for sure it would be a quick adventure, but it is surprising how long it takes to round up the three groups of hounds! Party is Grey Wizard, Priest of Ranald (rogue aspect), and Commoner. We haven't even had a combat yet. They used the "attract the village dogs into a vacant house with food" approach and then converted Don Don's cart into a 5 dog kennel to transport them to the manor kennels.

It's not going well for the party...it's been a comedy of errors. When we last left our heroes, they were hiding in a tree, dangling the wizard with a doppleganger spell (disguised as a giant squirrel)..but they forgot to set the traps beneath them..and so they have attracted dog pack #2 without any way to do anything...

Suggestions on the scenario/random notes:

* I couldn't get a response from the author on the email, so I'm hoping there are no major holes :)

  • I incorporated fleas..no rats..but the dogs have fleas and disease.
  • Bad guy needs an NPC organization card
  • There is a 3 day limit until the Witch Hunter burns the town down.
  • Instead of the word Gypsy, I use Strigany.
  • Reikshounds instead of Dauchhsaunds
  • It's a lumber village. I incorprated those concepts
  • I printed up some "Authorized Assistnat Hound Master of Emporer Karl Franz" writs
  • Amber wizard concepts would be interesting in this for the NPCs
  • Page 5's abduction of DonDon by the wolfhound is a good time for a progress tracker and the hound's collar should be noted by PCs
  • PCs will suspect werewolves right away so play up dogs BUT maximize paranoia about bites!!!
  • Page 6 - Town people list: Inn: Gretchen, Hanna, Johan, Ulred -- 4 people to talk to. Gossip tests are charm tests and 3 successses for the big secret! Eventually the PCs should find out the big secreton that page
  • Payment: 200 silver. 5 silver per wolfhound, 2 for a mutt, 3 for a Reikshound/dauchshound
  • I indicated to the PCs that the stray dogs were always trying to single out a party member and get them distracted or away from the party
  • Only the starving village dogs would eat each other (hence they couldn't use that tactic twice)
  • I had the Witch Hutner, Klid d'Mur arrive the FIRST night, make a dramatic entrance and leave (he goes to the manor afte rmaking some chalk marks on the buildings in a code that only he knows) " I SMELL CHAOS"
  • VICTOR has two men at arms at his manor..otherwise why owuldn't the PCs (especially in my group), kill him and take his stuff. I maed the boy 15 years old and "running" the kennels. Magic sight check on the boy can show some glow.
  • Magic sight on the villagers (3-4 diff) may detect infection.
  • Klid gets bitten in the end and will become a pursuing, enemy NPC to the party
  • Healthy villagers turn to the PCs and ask "what do we do?" during the climax ending otherwise they may be ignored by the PCs
  • The GM should plan ahead if there are going to be combats. I just "Reik-eel'ed" them and if they rolled a black result, then I just had them get bitten in the handling of the village dogs. Otherwise packs 2 and 3 definitely need to be statted-up! Use giant wolf with weaker members (small but vicious dog henchmen for the dauchshounds).

We shall see how it goes next session!