First game, just got the core set - which adventure?

By sethmac, in WFRP Gamemasters

Which adventure is best for introducing and learning the rules? An Eye for an Eye from the Tome of Adventure or A Day Late, a Shilling Short? I have four players.


while an eye for an eye is a great adventure, but personally i feel it is a bit complex for a first run through of the rules set. there are a lot of NPC personalities to juggle at the same time as coming to grips with the crunch.

Eye for an eye is good, but there is lots of page flipping for the GM in my experience.

If your going to run it, read through a few times and know it well.

A Day Late, a Shilling Short (ADLaSS) is not a "good" adventure, but it is straightforward one so that the players (and GM) can focus on learning the system a bit. I ran ADLaSS as a pre-adventure to An Eye for an Eye, letting the group get to know each others characters, learning the system while playing out a simple adventure. It gave everyone an insight into the mechanics and we talked a lot about the system. It took one gaming session, and I think it was worth it so that everyone had a feeling about the system before moving in to the relative complexity of An Eye for an Eye.

That beeing said, most of ADLaSS is one big combat and maybe not that super fun to run or play, afterwards the players said there were too many beastmen and took to much time since reinforcements came. Consider lowering the number of beastmen (both the initial and reinforcements) and focus a bit more on the social bits that take place after the fighting.