Warrior Priest

By Nabikasu, in WFRP House Rules

The Initiate, Disciple and Priest careers are awesome... for Shallya or other non-combat/non-warrior priests. A Sigmarite priest should have some kind of ability to raise their strength and weapon skill, I think, which could be an alternate path besides the Disciple/Priest careers. Anyone house rule a career sheet like this, or have suggestions for one?

My personal train of thought for that is that those militant houses have warriors and priests. So you have members that are just career wise standard soldiers. You wouldn't have an entire chapter of warrior priest types. There may be a few actual warrior priests but those would be members that started out as soldiers proved their devotions and then entered the priesthood so they'd have initiate as their 2nd or 3rd career. Likewise you could have a character that started out as an initiate then perhaps to prove his devotion took soldier as a 2nd career then went back to the priest hood. What you probably would never get is the career concept of a Warrior/Priest all in one package.

I just went off the Warrior Priest career from 2nd edition (page 224 of the Career Compendium or in the Tome of Salvation pg 209) to give some minor method to my madness. It's not perfect, nor has it been playtested but it's a starting point. The available entry from 2nd edition seems valid for 3rd as well to keep it an advanced career. I have always kind of liked the Warrior Priest in Warhammer but as Kryyst said you could remove them and simply go more along the templar/soldier route to get the martial training if the WP seems goofy.


I was just expecting to have to pay extra for the weapon skills without changing careers -- anything wrong with that?

It was less the weapon skill and more that you'd never be able to raise Strength above 4. And other such problems. I mean, it's not like it's a HUGE problem just to take Priest and then do other careers like Soldier, but I dunno. I felt it more appropriate to have a career built for it, since those classes lack a Faith talent slot. I know you can still use Blessings even without the card, but it's the principle of the matter!

The Warrior Priest career Callidon put up was awesome and just what I was looking for, though it lacks a career ability. :D I can make one of those up though. Thank you very much!

Just a few things, if you have signs of faith, it lists all of the Gods with specific skills that followers of those gods get as additional class skills, I can't remember both but Sigmarites gain Weapon skill as a class skill, meaning that you can both start with it as an initiate and buy it as a class skill for all of the classes in the priest progression.

As for strength boosting, it is available as an out of class boost for 1 extra point of xp, but caps at 4 rather than the 6 of the class skills.

However at least on of the sigmar prayers gives a +1 strength and +1 toughness, meaning they can come up to being as good as a combat class.

As for a warrior priest career, as far as I am aware it and Lector are planned to be 4th level careers and arch lector being the 5th level career (wizards should be getting battle wizard/master wizard then wizard lord)

Honestly with the skills being included, its not been an issue, I will be honest, I've run one group up to 40ish xp and currently at 12xp with a second group and only once has anyone brought an attribute and that was an out of class buy to raise a 2 to 3 as the player got sick of not seeing anything