Arkham Horror Statistics Reports

By Tibs, in Arkham Horror Second Edition

Interesting. So, despite Arkham not getting any expansions from a while and a lot of people saying that Eldritch killed the Arkham experience, there's still not much difference between the two in terms of submissions. Clearly, this could mean that those who started with Arkham are mostly still playing Arkham, and those who started with Eldritch prefer this one over Arkham, but at least it's good to see love for the old classic isn't dying over the years.

Need to play more, tho, and catch that number 3 position in the general ranking

I just submitted my first report last night.

great GREAT job here Tibs.....

I back to arkham last night after 2 years and FINALLY we can beat Atlach-Nacha with "victory by seals"... (she even burst 3 seals!) so in total we sealed 9 gates!

still using your sheet data... thanks for the job, really!

I will love this game forever.

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Wow, highest congrats. That is an immense feat.

One time I deliberately set up the game to include all expansion boards and the Hypnos Guardian to maximize my chances, and I came close over the course of a few attempts, but never.... sealed the deal.

Last time I was up against A-N we had Jacqueline Fine, and she wound up getting the ally that let her spend one clue for free per turn: her ability to re-draw the Mythos card now cost only one clue.

Someone got the benefit card that let us trade skills. Someone else obtained Mythos Lore, and so traded it to her: it now cost her ZERO clues to re-draw the Mythos card! We were gonna do it this time for sure!

And immediately after she got that skill card, a gate opened on her. The lurker Devouring gate. Amazing.

6 games played against Atlach, 5 victories by sealing, 1 by closing :P then I stopped playing Atlach because it was boooooring

But very nice the exploit with Mythos Lore on Jacq.

Heck, I miss playing this game so much

@Tibs a couple of quick questions...

- in the Statistics... is there a way to see the date (day and hour) when we made the submission??

- in TOP CONTRIBUTORS I have 76 games.... but in SUBMISSIONS I have 64 games... why the difference??

On 6/23/2019 at 3:12 AM, mentorius said:

@Tibs a couple of quick questions...

  1. Not easily. You can download your own copy of the sheet and un-hide the leftmost "Timestamp" column from the Submissions tab. I leave it hidden so that the spreadsheet doesn't take up unneeded screen space, which can be especially annoying for mobile users.
  2. Back when I started this spreadsheet, Google Docs was much more limited on the number of total cells and data size. I backed up and archived the first 10,000 entries and planned to do it for every 10,000. Since then, Google Drive has become much more accommodating so I haven't bothered. I'm going to guess that you have 12 archived submissions.

Hey since this forum is being shuttered at the end of the month, wanted to pass on a thanks to Tibbs for all the statistical and related work you've been doing over the years.

And a thanks to all the other contributors to forums for AH 2.0, EH, and the game's been more fun as a result.

cheers all!