An Open Thanks

By Winter324, in 2010 Realms of Terrinoth Event

To the all the people both behind the scenes and in the spotlights:

For a first go at a big event it was stellar. The amount of care from the staff towards trying to make the experience as nice as possible for those in attendance really went far and beyond. Right now two examples really stick out to me. In trying to do a quick pickup game of Descent: Tomb of Ice we were missing a couple of cards, one of the employees came right over and went and got the components from the stockpile. We could've done some substitutions, but no need. On the last day another employee helped me out by finding me watching the final round of the Descent tournament when I almost missed the chance to have Rob sign my RtL box. Yes it's dorky, but dammit I love that game.

Many more things that I saw and experienced first hand come to mind. Too much to go into. I had such a positive experience I am tempted to get access to the War Hammer event even though I have almost no relationship with that world. Thank you FFG for the great games and memories future and past and a HUGE thank you to the staff of the Fantasy Flight Games Event Center.

See you again soon.

I whole-heartily agree. The Event Center staff is very helpful and informative. If you want to get into a game or have questions they're ready and willing to help you out. I had a great time at the Terrinoth event and look forward to many more great weekends of gaming at the Event Center.

Thank you FFG!

My wife and I had a good time at the event. There were lots of games to play and everyone was very friendly and excited.

I'm totally jealous, but glad to hear it. I hope the place succeeds, although I don't imagine Tucson getting an FFG outpost anytime soon.

sounds like it was alot of fun .