Review of Only War

By Kadrek, in Only War Game Masters

I made a review of Only War and the other RPGs in the same universe. What do you think? Is there something I should change in the review?

The conclusion that warhammer 40k has a disturbing fan base that it indirect fules a certain facist belif dose have merit, but the way you come to that conclusion is wrong and quit poorly reasarched. and this is coming from a guy who is so far left that i looked at berni sanders and said "******* rigth wing extremist"....well not really but you get my point im veeeeeeeeeeeeery left.

First of warhammer was made 1987 waaaaaay before the rise of the facist re-rise in the world. The saitier was much more obviuse back then but as time went on it took it self more seriouse while still being true to its roots. warhammer has always gon for the stans that the imperium of man is a terrible terrible place and so is everyother palace in the glaxy (yes even the tau, dont belive me? go read 1984) problem is that GW has hade a huge number of diffrent writers all wanting to present theire race as the coolest and since the imperium races sold the most they got the most attention and ended getting most storys around theam about heroic deeds of the commanders and so on.

Secondly warhammer has been appropriated by the far rigth rather than made for the far rigth.

i can go on and on but i dont have the will nor the energy to put inte effort theire has been write many good articles about this subject whice i advice you to go and look up. becuse to the honest i feel like you really did not do youre reasarch on the subject, and as a review of the only war game it is extremly poor since you barly metion the game