CMoN - Black Plague/Massive Darkness =Midnight

By Old Dwarf, in Midnight Second Edition

I was never into RPG but I did like the setting of the Runebound 2nd Expansion based on Midnight.

I also never was interested in the modern Zombicide but the Dark Age setting of the above Games

I really liked & then I realized they were perfect to place in the Midnight World.

The following material allows the Game Zombicide-Black Plague(ZBP) to be converted to the Midnight Game World
of Aryth ,specifically the city of the dead Cambrial.

ZBP is set in the Earth's European Dark Ages but includes Elves & Dwarves so it's background is stretched to include these Fey Races
in an historic setting( Zombies & Necromancers already strain the suspension of disbelief but their doable ).Orcs are even mentioned
via an Orc Bow weapon.

However all the races plus the Dark Age setting really fall into place if there placed in the world of Midnight. A world were evil
has conquered & a few survivors struggle to stay alive & resist.

Cambrial once a major city in Southerland Erenland was seduced by the Sunulael a former Chief Acolyte of the Sorshel now rules
the city as a Night King and Chief Legate of the fallen God Izrador Shadow Faith. The Armies of Izador spared no life in taking
Cambrial leaving Sunulael and his followers a city of corpses & blood.

The new Night King fortified a section of the City to house his followers and slaves leaving most of the city to the Fell, the rising dead
suffering the Veil of Izrador *. The hungry dead made the city so dangerous even the Orcs who made up the bulk of the Shadow Army
retreated to the outskirts rather than plunder. Thus Cambrial remains a treasure house of goods, weapons and even scarce magic lore
from the deserted School of Wizardry.

The Legates control the Fell through Necromancy and send them forth to reinforce the Shadow Armies attacking the Elves of Erethor
Forest and the Dwarf Holds in the Kaladran Mts. The only regions of Aryth still holding out against the Shadow now that humanity
has been crushed.

Human resistance is however not dead groups of survivors still lurk Erenland aided by passive subversion of the enslaved human
populace and free outlaw bands . Unpillaged Cambrial with it's streets and armories filled with discarded weapons and it's untouched
granaries is a prize to tempt the free forces to dare slipping by the Orc Garrison forces & the shambling Fell of the city. A few brave
survivors are also still are to be found in the city itself dedicated to revenge by sabotage and killing the hated Fell and their Legate

* Veil of Izrador- When the Evil God Izrador was defeated and his essence were banished to Aryth it broke the connection been the Gods
and Aryth. Izrador was sealed out of the heavens but the Gods were sealed out of Aryth. Thus the souls of the dead were blocked from
ascension to the celestial kingdoms. Thus the souls returned to their bodies and the dark influence of Izrador caused them to rise up
with a terrible taste for flesh. The Necromancy of the Legates of the Shadow Faith allows them to control & direct these doomed

The following Terms are adjusted from BP to the Cambrial Setting:

All Undead are called Fell (subtypes)

Walker /Dead Eye Walker/VIP Zombie= Maelgral
Runner Zombie= Ungral
Fatty Zombie/NPC's=Faengral
Wolfz and Crowz=Astirax*

* incorporeal creatures created by Izrador
as familiars for Legates. They can posses
animal bodies. Prolonged possession will
causes the animal to rot.


Ann-Sarcosan Nun Sister of Sorshel, Dal Colia Order formerly of the Badura (Temple) of Cambrial

Nelly- Dorn Tavern wench & bouncer

Silas-Wood Elf Warrior sent by Witch Queen to spy on the Shadow forces in Cambrial

Clovis-Dorn from House Sedrig in White Cliff Merchant trapped in Cambrial when the city fell.

Samson-Dwarf of Clan Kurgan mercenary trapped in Cambrial when city fell.

Baldric-Sarcosan Wizard former instructor at Cambrials School of Wizardry.

Karl- Sarcosan Channeler former combat engineer in Cambrial Ducal Forces

Morrigan Snow Elf- former bodyguard to the Elf Ambasor to Cambrial

Ariane- Sarcosan former member of the Thief 's Guild in Cambrial

Theo- Sarcosan Wildlander came to Cambrial to fight the Shadow

Glynda Battlestout- Dwarf Mercenary -escaped from Orc
captors on way to Sunulael Lab. in Cambrial

Julian- Sarcosan Thief seeking plunder in Cambrial

Sylvia Samedi- Sarcosan Sea Captain from Asmadar
trapped in Cambrial when it fell.

Tucker-Sarcosan Former Cambrial Abbot of Dal Pashua Order.

Arnaud- Sarcosan Cambrial minor noble

Lord Bazak- Dwarf of Clan Brendol-former Captain
of the Dukes Dwarf Guard

Genevieve-Dorn Shield Maiden House Baden-Agent
of the resistance

James- Sarcosan- Monk of the Del Pashva Order

Klom-Dworg & Giant Blood of Clan Kurgan

Morgan-Sarcosan-Wizard-former instructor
at Cambrials School of Wizardry.

Thundergut-Dwarf Clan Thedron outcast

Milo-Sarcosan -Apprenttice Wizard

Merieil- Wood Elf- former Arms Smith

Mizar-Sarcosan- Wizard -former instructor
at Cambrials School of Wizardry.

Antha -Sarcosan-Court astrologer in hiding

Rodney-Dorn- Red Cap- former chief executioner

Candence- Wildlander come to Cambrial to hunt Fell

Lady Grim- Dorn -Mercenary assigned to Bastion Garrison

Piper-Sarcosan-former tanner (hide stripper)

Dr. Stormcrow- Sarcosan -Physician researching
a counter to the Legates Necromancer Fell control.

Persephone-Sarcosan-former Arms Master at
Cambrials School of Wizardry.

Miss Ysabel-Dorn- Merchant bodyguard

Gaak- Rebel Orc

Azure-Snow Elf Warrior

Celia La Santa-Dorn rogue Healer/Wizard

Lucas-Sarcosan-rogue Wizard

Necromancers = Legates

Ostokar the Pale- Snow Elf

Queen Medea =Vylaria - Preceptor Sisterhood
of Tender Mercies


To-me-Ku-Pa- Sarcosan

The Blackheart-Orc


Black Currant-Oruk (uses Abomination stats)

Duke's Mistress-Sarcosan (Walker Stat NPC)


Dorn-human from Northern Erenland
Snow Elf-Elf from the Veradeen Northernmost forest of Erethor the elite of Elven warriors
Sarcosan-human from Southern Erenland
Wood Elf- Elf from the Caraheen Central forest of Erethor dominate Elves
Dworg- Orc/Dwarf Mix
Giant Blood-Human/Orc/Dworg -grown to massive size
Oruk= Troll ( Black Currant figure)

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The following material allows the Game Massive Darkness (MD) to be converted to the Midnight Game World
of Aryth ,specifically the small city of Steel Hill the "Forge of Shadow"

MD is set in the Earth's European Dark Ages but includes Elves, Dwarves, Orcs so it's background is stretched to include these Fey Races
in an historic setting. All the races plus the Dark Age setting really fall into place in the world of Midnight(Aryth). A world were evil
has conquered & a few survivors struggle to stay alive & resist.

Massive Darkness is a Dungeon Craw set in CMoN Zombicide BP Setting but uses a Campaign System and a Dungeon Setting
that teems with evil Dwarves, Orcs & Men. This could be seen as just another game that throws a mix of monsters at heroes
who are exploring, these Games often lack cohesion to it's encounters & treasures & a sense of purpose.

The Midnight Game World answers the above problems using the small City of Steel Hill, a city ruled by evil men, with an
Orc Garrison and evil Dwarves running the iron mines which supply the armies of Izrador with weapons. Humanity is
either enslaved or suppressed.


When the forces of Izrador unleashed it's Orc Hordes on the Northlands the Dorn territories were overwhelmed . Lady Eden
"the Maidensword" ruler of Cruach Emyn (Steel Hill) prepared a doomed resistance but the agents of darkness used her
liegemen Aushav to overthrow her. Aushav declared himself Prince & allied Steel Hill to the Dark Forces. His reward was
immortality & being allow to rule Steel Hill as a Tributary to Izrador.

Thus Steel Hill is a seething combination of interests & races barely kept in check . Steel Hill & it's foundries & Iron mines
are a vital to Izrador 's armies as weapons are needed for the still raging wars against the Elves & Dwarf Strongholds
plus keeping the human populations under control. The Orc Garrison under Lord Commander Sharzuz, chaffs under Aushav' rule
and vies with his human counterpart High Captain Githuran of the Blood Riders for military authority. The Dwarves of Dorin
Clan run the mines & foundries each faction hates the other and only the legates of the Temple of Shadow keep open conflict
from breaking out.

The Resistance - The human Dorn population of Steel Hill includes large numbers of hapless slaves who work the mines and a
free but tightly controlled class of traders and service providers. Steel Hill unlike much of Izrador's conquered lands still has
an economic value because of the arms manufacturing. The restrictions against humans having weapons is relaxed for
the Blood Riders of Prince Aushav and the arms caravan mercenaries . A debased money system is also tolerated.

Thus corruption is widespread and the demand for smuggled weapons and artifacts are vital to keep various resistance groups
armed. The leader of the residence inside Steel Hill is the Lord of Rags, the head of the Thieves Guild who now shelters
in his underground lair all those dispossessed who opposed Prince Aushav . The Lord of Rags resides in the Winde
Ward of Steel Hill whose derelict buildings, basements and cellars lead to ancient catacombs that run beneath the entire
city. His headquarters lie below the Cinder an area of collapsed and unstable buildings making it dangerous enough that
even the Orc Garrison nor the Blood Riders rarely patrol.

In exchange for his protection and shelter those with fighting skills are sent out on missions to secure weapons, artifacts ,
information and whatever else is needed to disrupt the Shadow forces that occupy the city. Currently the main Agents
members of the Fey races that were separated from their homelands when the war broke out: Sibyl- wood Elve,
Sigfried-Dwarf Pit fighter, Owen- Dorn paladin, Bjorn
Dorn Warrior and Whisper Sarcosan Assign. The Druid Cleite Fir -Man of feathers(Elias) also
has been known to venture into the catacombs of Steel Hill for his own reasons to take action against the Shadow.

The Game is played Campaign mode as is but with a random number of heroes roll d6: Even 1 hero/ Odd 2 heroes.

- If 1 hero roll d6

6=Cleite Fir (Elias)

-If 2 heroes roll d3

2=Sigfried /Bjorn
3=Owen/Cleite Fir(Elias)

The Shadow Forces are:

Goblins- Sniffers- scouts
Orcs-The Splintered Skull Legion
Toglodytes -Dorn Blood Riders
Dwarves- Black Bloods
Agents- Captains
Large Figs= Trolls & Shadow Servants
(Note the Cockatrix is a Taker)

To start the Game after the Quest chosen roll to see which city
ward the Quest takes place under. If Quest is obvious connected
to a specific ward just assign it .(This is Fluff)

The Wards of Steel Hill

Roll d6- Even= Lowtown/ Odd= The Hill-then Roll on selected Table

Lowtown Table :Roll d8 reroll 8
( Orc dominated by the Splintered Skull Legion )

1=Southbridge Ward
2=Gibbet's hill
3=Market Quarter
4=The Winde
5=Ore-Gate Ward
6=The Anvil
7=March Ward

The Hill Table :Roll d6 reroll6
( Human dominated by the Blood Riders )

1=Cennai Way
2=Quill Ward
3=Garden Ward
4=Temple Ward
5=Castle Ward
Edited by Old Dwarf