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By Eroecchi, in Hollow Bastion

Just thought i would start a new thread with a more appropriate name.

Saw the error on the sight plus Dawn has informed me, I'll see how soon i can fix it. The webbuilder is a crappy cut and paste thing, not html which i don't like very much but i'm sure i can figure some way to fix things. Probably gonna use my second layout plan for the site so we dont have all the errors.

Thoese interested in editing the cards should wait a little bit as the images on the website are smaller to fit the page. All images on the site are avalible in a much bigger size for better editing with Choitz working on getting our missing images. We'll let people know when they can ask for the images.

Ryo and i are about to start another translating session.


I believe I saw something in the tool bar that is HTML based...but it might not be what I thought it was.

The site builder is indeed pretty crappy...we could always just let someone else build the site if it's to much trouble.

WayToTheDawn said:

I believe I saw something in the tool bar that is HTML based...but it might not be what I thought it was.

The site builder is indeed pretty crappy...we could always just let someone else build the site if it's to much trouble.

I could take a look at it.

If you'd like.

I'll messaage you the details through Facebook shortly.

Eroecchi Update;


so i did what i could to the site, it should be looking good now in the new layout without all the html jibberish mushing up the joint. so go back have a look see and live the magic again. Plus ive added a comment to Riku lvl 1, Errata to Gullwing, a comment to Way To The Dawn and an (ultimate killer attack in combo with cave of wonders) attack to Storm Rider that Ryo and i had missed. So set 6 should be complete untill we can get our hands on the images of the missing cards

I've done all i can with thie web builder program, so if Trothael goes in and has a look, can you figure out why the page ends sooooooo far after all the information.

The current status of translating is Ryo and I have finished Set 7 and all the promos, Did you know 2 promos were actually cirtificates won by the top players and acutally couldnt be used in a deck? crazy. we didnt translate yesterday or today because someone isn't coming to campus and staying home to play a super awesome epic game on the PSP......... which is understandable ~(^,^)~

so we may try to get Pieces of Memory done in one go on friday. As for going back to compare american sets 1-4 i dunno if that'll happen any more as ryo's kinda loosing interest in the project. He'll for sure get us Pieces of Memory so no worries there.

Homeworks started to build up personally, but i hope to have my final draft of Set 7 to the editors by friday night and then find a day to upload the images soon after i get it back.

Ja~ Mata yo


(Choitz, Dawn check your facebook for a (i think slightly more detailed) email.

Due to a few huge projects from school i'm a little behind as soon as i'm caught up hopefully we can get the next set out. sorry for the delay.

No worries, mate. I find it ironic that you're goin through a hardship about the same time I am.

'N I've still no words from the gents, so now I'm really worried, as it were. I'll be droppin them another email in the mornin, certainly.

But do focus on schoolwork first. We're not in any rush at this moment.

Aye. No need to worry...

There are indeed more important things and those should be taken care of first and foremost sir.

Hiya everybody

sorry again for the lack of anything, still school work, BBS and some sick got in my way. But this little update is to inform you Set 7: Endless Darkness is out to the editors. I can't promise it'll be up this weekend as its my big Japanese midterm on monday but im not one to study all weekend -,^

i fixed the bug on the Set 6: Rejoin page where the page just didnt end & did a few very minor edits that you probably wont even notice. Plus Chotiz pulled thru and got us the 6 in total missing images we had(5 from Rejoin/1 from Endless Darkness) and i have put them(Rejoin) up right away so go check em out: TImeless River Sora, Rikku, Paine, Shan Yu & Storm Rider.

So also expect set 7 to not be missing any images.

Chotiz is still in the works for getting the rest of the card images and i feel its best that we wait to release the translations for the remaning promos, missing cards and POM set until we have the images to go with them. Trust they are all translated (except POM) and will appear when we have them.

thats it for now

have a good one, i'd if you got some to spare i could use some luck on that midterm i'm just as bad at spelling in Japanese as i am in english.



thanks for the update

Awesome ! Good luck with the exam.

Eroecchi's Update

Hey everybody Set 7: Endless Darkness has just been posted, i had posted yesterday(all day) with lots of headaches finnaly ending with the page being all jibberish but got back on it today cleaned it up so go have a look enjoy and start discussing.

As for translating, Ryo and i have finished translating all the cards and yesterday i finished my first write up for them. Also we have gone thru japanese sets 1,2 and 1/2 of 3 comparing texts from the english to the japanese so expect a page on the website soon along with a few other ideas we "webmasters" have come up with

Now don't hold your breath for the next batch of cards to be released, Chotiz, Dawn and I are in agreement on waiting till we get good images of the cards before we post. But dont worry they will be posted eventually.

Side note, we have found the most usless card in the game. Ive gone over it with Ryo 3 times and he stands by how he reads it. Imma ask him one more time before i share it. but really its 100% accurate to the game character but 100% useless to any player.



Hmm 100% character but 100% useless is it Chicken Little? or maybe Namine?

Sora's Mother?

She's 100% game character and the only thing she's good for at all in the whole series is a "YOUR MOTHER" joke.

I was wondering what that was. How about a hint?

FlameChampion267 said:

Also did anyone else see this?

Oh the mystery, what could it be?

Still trying to figure out what this is..... any idea's

i can tell you its not one of the two remaning sets that have been translated.

its an informative page, with the idea of what direction we want the site to go in other then just a refrenece for the translations


Chicken Little FTW.

Umm, anybody have a clue who the Writefags are? And what the hell Project Avnari is?

I do, since I'm Mr. Writefag.

We just needed somewhere private to carry out a discussion. We'll be gone in a few days or so.

Just wondering. Take your time.