Dice Color?...

By DandGeezer, in War of the Ring: Collector's Edition

I thought I had read that the dice were going to be black and white. All the preview pics show them in red and blue. I wonder which is correct?...

Maybe they were talking about the combat dice.

Here's what Roberto posted over at BBG.

The special dice will be moulded in black and white marble style, and two complete sets of combat dice in a similar style have been included.

Additionally, if you watch

The dice will be black and white in production sets. They weren't ready yet for Essen, so the original dice were used there.

The same is true for the preview copy FFG recieved a few days ago (the one in their preview video). It has the old Action dice and only one set of combat dice, as well as the board with the Dale error on it.

The version you pay for will have white and black Action dice, ten combat dice and no map error.