Looking for crystal house cards

By finitesquarewell, in 5. AGoT Trade Forum

I'm looking to complete my set of crystal house cards (the clear glass ones, *not* the stone ones), and I need the Greyjoy, Lannister, and Baratheon cards yet. I'm willing to pay cash for them; I also have some 5KE rares (though I don't have a list on me), and excess unopened chapter packs of Secrets and Spies. I've purchased two crystal house cards for $30 each so far, and I'm looking to pay something similar for the rest (probably a little more).

Email me via my gmail account: eabutzlaff

come to the Tourney of Stahleck where you have the chance to win some!

Finitesquare - If you are still looking, I have a Greyjoy crystal house card that I am selling for $40. I am also willing to trade for the crystal house card. I am looking for 2 more KotS Greyjoy decks and 1 more PotS Martell deck. Let me know if you are interested.