Canton, Ohio

By Adam Marshall, in Warhammer Invasion Community

Anybody in the Canton/Akron area?


So are you guys going to go to the Indiana tournament? Or even have one of your own?

yes keep us updated. from columbus and would like to fight.

email me at alexandernjames at or something.

Well, I'd love to set something up here but I've yet to find a sufficient number of people. I hit up a bunch of shops yesterday and not a one of them were carrying the core set though most of them seemed to be comic shops and I am at a disadvantage being new to the area, I may have missed a shop or two. Ahzz's Arena in Massillon is going to order it.

I'd love to come to the Indiana tourney but probably won't make it due to work. Cleveland I could swing, and probably Columbus, but then again, I'd prefer not to have to drive.

Traveling to tournaments would be difficult for me, as I'm a full-time student with 20 hours a week of work to go along with it. Once the semester's over, though, there's a possibility of it. Right now my main priority is converting my friends and getting them to buy their own sets so that we can get the ball rolling locally. I'm thinking about talking to Joe at Universal Comics on Fulton - I know him personally from my MtG days, and he's a solid dude. If we could show enough interest, I'm sure he'd let us organize something.

Are there avenues one would go through to set up official-style tournaments, or is everything right now pretty much locally organized?

We would be more than willing to come up there. There would be 2 of use maybe three if Alex comes. If you can get something going let use know.

Sweet. What kind of tournament are you thinking? Something big, shiny and official, or an informal kind of thing?

I would like to just have one to get people who play to know each other. Maybe charge X amount and give store credit.

Cool. I'll see if I can talk to the guy I know sometime in the next week or so. Things are tremendously busy for me, but I imagine that we'll eventually get something going.

I did just think of something, though... Winning store credit may not be that great of an incentive, since there are no shops around here that carry HW:I stuff - and even if they did, it's not like the singles market is gonna be huge for the game. While it's not beyond possibility, are there any other ideas of tournament prizes that would motivate people to show?

Observe the new league kits.

15 dollars... guess you'd have to take that cost first, and then maybe charge a bit for a few events to cover it...

You can always give away extras of your own cards, say, uncommons or extra commons from the starters! lol (I know I could.. i'll have three of them (core sets))

Are those event kits available for non-business purchasers? It seemed to me like you had to be a store to order one. They are pretty sweet, though...

This is exactly what we need to get a tournament going.

I haven't forgotten about this - I broke my knee in a car accident this Saturday, so I haven't been able to attend to organizing this as I'd like to, but it I'll be getting to it soon, I hope.

By the way, Joe at Universal Comics says that he'd be glad to host Saturday night Warhammer nights, as long as The Keep in Massillon isn't doing the same thing. Anybody willing to check if they've got anything WH:I-esque going on?

Sorry to here about what happened. Take your time, when you are ready to have a tournament we will be there.

Hey all NE Ohions! I just recently started playing this game (long time magic player) and really love it :]. Anyways Im from the akron area and would love to start playing in a league or tourny's. I saw Universal mentioned in previous posts and can vouche Joe is good people and I would love it if we got something started there. I also have 2 friends that play that I'm sure would be interested in this as well. Any updates for this would be awsome. If not, and there is still people interested in this I could talk to him.

I could make it up once a month from CBus probably to play. Let us know if anything is set up, and give me notice.

Best thing to do to promote a game is to keep playing it, prefereably in public.

Game on

Well sadly (odd to use sadly in this statement) I am leaving for disney tommorow so I will miss FNM at joes this week however I will see him next week so I will ask him about it next friday and throw an update on here. I am really interested in seeing a community start in Ohio for this game since I thing it is a really good game system. I don't want to have to wait for Gencon every year for any events ;-P.

I agree I love this game, but I want to play more tourneys. We need to get something going that works for all of us.

Last i heard Matt Kohls and company, of Dayton Ohio are now playing the game or were ordering product for it...

I presume he was interested in potentially running events for it at his store in Dayton sometime in late February (Matt does lots of work over time stuff in Jan).

Yea we are the ones that kept telling him to get into it. I think we could get a good group there.

Please please please kept us all informed as to when you guys get together as a group. I want a game!

As I do too. As far as canton is concerned I can't talk to joe until the first friday of january since the fnms fell on christmas and newyears he will/was closed both fridays :-P (knew this ahead of time just letting everyone else know).