How To play Only war Video series?

By CommissarWilliams, in Only War Game Masters

So I was thinking, about a bunch of GM's or maybe the FFG guys getting together and doing a How to guide to only war. Not in a way that means you do not need the rule book, just in a way that Gives you the core basics oh what happens or how to do X , what do you guys think ?

I'd be happy enough to have some input on such a project. Kind of like an "Only War For Dummies" without the trademark lol.

i love the ide tell me if you need any help with it. ethier here or on my email ( Send pm to get it)

Great idea. I'd love to contribute. Would this be only war specific or also have tips for first time GMs for any system?

Perhaps someone should take a degree of ownership & accountability, and begin writing a script? Start a brainstorm? Something? idk

Sorry guys been busy at work, ill be making a "trail Video" over Christmas, and we will see where we go from there . After which I figure, we get on person to focus on basic rules, one person on character and regiment building, how to do that correctly, and one person to focus on lore. But I want to do it in away where one still requires the book.

I would totally watch that, and would be willing to contribute with what knowledge I have.