Fan-made Legend

By Jack0TheDhad0ws, in Legends of Andor

Hey Guys,
I love this game. I have played it countless times with my gaming group and we couldn't be more excited about the sequel. In the meantime though, we put together this extra legend and have had some fun with it. It takes place right after legend 5 of the standard game. It is pretty similar to the normal game legends, but with a couple different ideas/variants. It would be great to hear what other groups think of it. Thanks!

Legend 6: A Strange Wind


I have just read your legend and I think it is an amazing story. I am going to play it with my friends to find out how it is played on board. To make things clear, in the paragraph LEGEND OBJECTIVE it says ' Place the dragon figure and Prince Thorald on space 57 (the Tree of Songs), the Queen does not move at sunrise', what did you mean? Should I put the prince on space 57 or follow him from the space the heroes stand to space 57? And one more question, when you were making this story how did you test it?