Etoilles Mortant

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Cartel Info File: 001
Unit Designation: "Etoilles Mortant"
Faction: Bauhaus

Field Notes: The Etoilles Mortant are dangerous combatants — that much we know. Records indicate that their credited "kills" number in the hundreds, yet they rarely spent a day of their careers in the infirmary. Interviewed foes who have survived battlefield encounters with them suggest that they possesses some form of camouflage technology, while others simply attribute their combat elusiveness to experience and cunning. Their other ability to dramatically dispatch enemies with the well-known "Killing Blow" technique pushes their combat-ratios even higher.

Their only apparent weaknesses are a slightly lower constitution than other field warriors and a mobility rating that's average at best. Recent combat data-cam images also seem to reveal that they only activates their purported cloaking powers while under cover or when dug into difficult terrain. This conveys the possibility that, if caught out in the open, they could in fact be more easily targeted. We are still researching this question and hope to have answers soon.

[A 3 60-degree image of an Etoilles Mortant, suitable
for distribution to troops for on-field spotting.]

Whatever the battlefield situation, one thing is very clear — Etoilles Mortant should be handled with extreme caution.