Kingdom Hearts Light and Darkness

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Kingdom Hearts Set III: Light and Darkness is almost here and for our loyal fans and local game shops we present the Kairi Redemption.

Local Game Store

Just download this form (PDF, 384KB), fill it out, and mail it to us by December 1st, 2008 with the box flap and receipt showing that you purchased one booster box of Kingdom Hearts Set III: Light and Darkness from your Friendly Local Game Store, and we will send you a Foil Kairi promo card from Set III!

FFG Online Store

Pre-order a booster box from the FFG Online Store, and we'll send you your Kairi card when your order ships on release day!

Heart Point Redemption

If you've been stacking up huge piles of Heart Points from the Base Set, you will now have something to spend them on! If you've missed any of the promo tournaments in your area, now's your chance to catch up. Just download this form (PDF, 80KB) and follow the instructions for redeeming your Heart Points. Just be sure to have them in before January 31st, 2009.

Supported Draft Tournament

And finally, to kickstart a great release, we present the Kingdom Hearts Supported Draft Tournament! Interested retailers can sign up here .

Retailers that sign up by October 31st, 2008 will have the time and date of their event posted on our website and receive a prize pack of demo decks for the draft and Standard Kairi cards to award to the winners of the event.

Download the Official Rules of the Draft Tournament here . (PDF, 236KB) For this event, we suggest drafting:

1 Base Set booster

1 A Darkness Awakened booster

2 Light and Darkness boosters

And don't forget: Kairi will be legal in this tournament!

Retailers and Tournament Organizers: Email me with your tournament results and deck lists and we will once again hold an inter-office "Clash of the Titans Tournament" along with the results of our own Booster Draft!