The Price of Failure

By angelicdoctor, in Adventure: Operation – Shell Game

The adventure does not go into any great detail other than stating here and there that the characters will be taken into custody. This could use more expansion, methinks. Given the level of difficulty which seems inherent to the mission, I would have preferred more ink used explaining some details related to capture and options given for escape.

To the forum members, how would you handle this negative outcome with your players?

My first thought is that after having the characters thrown into the detention block, run a modified version of Starfall assuming that Nightmare Squadron appears and pounds the space station to near destruction. What do you think?

I also would have appreciated maps of both Titan Base and the space station, The Hammer.

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Hehe, I still have 'Starfall'. Never ran it, it was too railroady for my players. But the idea is excellent, a 'dungeon' in space and race against time.

And I agree, angelicdoctor - maps would have been nice, and the whole thing feels a bit vague to me. I'd have liked the Beta adventure to be a bit more of a tutorial really.

I too would have liked maps for, at least, The Hammer. I ran most of the adventure in the "Theater of the Mind", using maps only when there was some interesting terrain during combat. Having experience running RPGs for many years it wasn't too hard for me to come up with some maps for combat, but I hope FFG puts maps for some critical sections of The Hammer into the final version. Having maps is especially important for less experienced GMs.

Indeed this content needs a little polish. On it!