An Opinion/Review

By Old Dwarf, in Feeders from Within

The Feeders from Within

By Peter J.Evans is FFG most recent addition to its Mythos Series that
involves various Investigators from it's Arkham Horror Game.

Unlike the other Mythos books FFG has put out this is a stand alone
& not part of a Trilogy.I would note however that the ending does
leave the door wide open for a sequel.(by the way the remaining book
in each of their mythos Trilogies are due out soon)

Feeders from Within is a good read, it takes place in & about Arkham &
the 3 Investigators are Mark Harrington, Carolyn Fern & Diana Stanley .
Appearances are also made by Dr. Armitage, Carl Sanford & Herbert West.
Unlike some of the other FFG Mythos books these
characters play a logical part of the story & are not merely thrown in for Mythos Color
(OK Herbert West role perhaps strains logic but it holds together)

Investigators backgrounds are a strong point so you get a good
picture of why they are doing what their doing. The story its self
is fairly restrained as to the 'monsters" their appearances
are kept controlled & logical. Again as with FFG Mythos books
the body count would make Lovecraft blush but it's not as
bad as the Trilogies.

So IMO Feeders from Within is probably the best of FFG Mythos offerings,
alas however you don't get a prize the box(no send for a freebie for a Game Card).

Oh there is a nice Gate sequence to a very chilling Mythos Location.