Chapter XI: Operation: Shell Game

By Ineti, in Proofreading Changes

Page 238: The information and stats for the TIE Fighter Pilot (minion) don't match the stats for the TIE Pilot Minion on page 218 in the adventure. Not sure if this is intentional, but it seems odd that they don't match.

Page 233: The Titan Base Special Operations team has five members, with each being named and given a description . On Page 234: it mentions that only two of the six team members are able to move under their own power.

It seems that the reference to six members is a typo.

Edited by Rhenora Geming

The Imperial Security Detail's Wound Threshold is a shockingly high (for a minion) 10; this looks to be a copy/paste/forget-to-correct error, and probably should be 5 or 6.