Fatigue (General Discussion)

By Brother Orpheo, in General Discussion

Do we really need rule mechanics for eating? Has the Chef Ramsey Talent from 'Hammer of the Emperor' had this much of a positive impact on game play? Does the management of Fatigue really need to be this complex? Previously, in DH 1st Ed, a few role-playing statements would suffice outside of Structured Time.

As far as I can tell, the starvation rules are only used in circumstances where its necessary. I don't really see any issue with them. PCs can survive for some time, and there are skills and such associated to getting food/water.

I actually like how fatigue is handled as a whole. That it builds up until it overcomes your characteristic, and then it starts to slow you down. While it does increase bookkeeping, I also like how the -10 has been split out into the Weakened condition.

Its interesting to see how fatigue buildup is probably going to be one of the major things that makes a party back off. Wounds can be treated via First Aid (and you can always treat new wounds). Fatigue is more likely to stick as a result of quite a few things.

I agree -- looks like there will be two scales of tracking health: wound effect is the short-term track and fatigue is the long-term one. Puts my mind somewhat at ease regarding the role of Agility in combat.

I really like the fatigue concept as it is now.

I really like the fatigue concept as it is now.

Agreed, the DH1 version of fatigue (-10 to every check if you are fatigued, no further effect until you accumulate enough to pass out) never made any sense to me. I like the idea that the fatigue caused by your injuries matters, and that even with great first-aid treatment a character will have to stop and rest to recuperate after some hard fighting.

And now we are back in the old boring ways of fatigue :( (((

Should definitely bring back DH2b1 fatigue

I've suggested it elsewhere so I might as well put it here too where it's particularly relevant;

Make it so that for every point your Fatigue exceeds your characteristic bonus, that characteristic takes a -5 modifier to all tests. So someone with 35 Agility and 5 Fatigue would take -10 to all Agility tests, or -25 if they had 8 Fatigue.

that combined with trhe beta1 fatigue and it would be perfect.

dont foget to adjust shocking, fear and blood loss though...