Print on Demand

By t_slice23, in A Game of Thrones: The Board Game - A Dance with Dragons


Just a quick question,

I just bought The New expansion. The card finish isn't the same as what I have in the base game(Ie there is a linin type finish on mine and the POD doesn't). Is this just how the print on demand service is? Sorry i am new at this and couldn't find an answer.

Thank you in advance

I find the cards in the POD to be somewhat glossier than the base game's cards, I'd imagine they print it on a different material/use a different finish, yes.


I was partly considering buying this for the simple purpose of getting some alternative house cards and seeing if I could use them to balance the houses a bit.

My main gripe with the original game is that the Balon Greyjoy card is a bit too powerful and the Lannister deck also seems a little weak. If I'd been able to mix and match the cards form the two sets to make something more balanced I would have been happier.

I guess I can still do this, but it will be clear to anyone playing that the cards are not all from the same set.

Asthetics aside, do you think it would be possible to actually pull this off with a couple of card swaps?

I think it would be a great idea to use the cards to achieve a better balance. I think you can mix and match the cards from different sets without anybody noticing by using card sleeves with opaque backs. You should buy this expansion and some card sleeves and let the play testing begin!

Thanks, Yeah I ended up sleeving everything, now its fine, just a pain. POD is a great idea just wish they would use the same stock as the cards.