Khorn is overpowered?

By Grey_Kardinal, in Chaos in the Old World

Hi to all!
I have a question to the players with experience.
I look through a few pages of thread and did not find anything similar to my question. This is weird.
Here, everyone is talking about the weakness of Nurgle (I agree that it's hard to play without the upgrade cards on second dial tick), but in my opinion the main problem - the unbalanced Khorne.
Really! While the rest of the gods has some complications to fulfill their dial advancement condition, Khorne just spamming his demons wherever he wants and gets a 4-5 counters on his dial per round, while others can hope for a maximum of 2-3 per round.
Because didn't resolve one of the two or three dices to hit - it's very difficult. And as the battle taking place at the same time - there is no way to prevent Khorne kill a single model in the region except special Chaos cards that in the game is not much. + Khorne has too many cards with 0 and 1 power cost (even more than the Tzeentch!! ), especially in the Horned Rat.
As a result - Khorne wins 90% of games (if the Khorn-player has no curves hand) and it kills all the interest in the game, which I like very much.
We (I and my friends) will introduce the home rule for the next game - that Khorne gets counters on his dial only when he kill two models of the enemy in the region. Because we have already tried both of the base game and a horned rat - the result is one everywhere - even combining three against Khorne, is almost impossible to beat him.
And here's the question - do any of you do not consider this a problem of balance? Or we play a different games?
P.S. And sorry for my bad english

Uh… Sorry by this. I found a lot of topics about Khornes problem.

In particular this . There is a fully answer my question =)