Did my Balerion get cheated in the Melee?

By ZiM946, in Days of Ice and Fire 2013

So, there I was- on the verge of making my first final table ever and how nice it would have been to come through at Days 2013!!!

And then, this happened- I dropped out Balerion after doing absoultely nothing except be fodder the whole game. The players at the table said there is an action window where Marshalling actions from others players could take place before everything kneels… So, what transpired was a bit odd for me. It went around and around the table as everyone knelt their own Marshalling: reducer locations. I don't see Response: anywhere on the normal location reducers that were used… so, characters were being marshalled when I don't feel technically they should have been able to come out. Not sure if the outcome would have been changed… but if that rule isn't true, I feel somewhat cheated.

This is of course, a week later and too late to complain- but be careful and KNOW THE RULES!!! Or, suffer my disappoinment.