Awesome Snakes

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Now I know that RattleSnake is great, but I'm a little old for most kids games. I have my own car, cat, and mortgage payment. Too many distractions and guild meetings taking up my time. Working here at Fantasy Flight, I've come to realize that adults such as myself sometimes loose out the wonder and excitement that children can bring to the gaming table. I wanted to see what a real-life kid thinks of one of FFG's child-friendly games.

I decided to have my young friend Avery give me his impression of Roberto Di Meglio's Rattlesnake. Kids know games, and Avery is a top-notch reviewer. He was kind enough to take time away from his first grade homework to sit down for an interview:
Sally: Hello there Avery. So you had a chance to open up Rattlesnake and play through it a few times?
Avery: Ya, like a million times.
Sally: I'm only paying you for the first one, okay?
Avery: Okay.
Sally: First thing's first. We have to keep this professional. How long did it take to set up the game? Was it hard?
Avery: Nope. It took like a minute maybe. Just because you have to put the snake stickers on the die.
Sally: Did you at first put the stickers on your self? Like your hands or face or anything? Because I'll be honest with you, I did that.
Avery: No, I put them right on the die cause my mom said to.
Sally: Good man. So what was the quality of the pictures in the instructions and on the board?
Sally: Fair enough.
Avery: YEP!
Sally: What was playing the game like?
Avery: Awesome!
Sally: Okay, Avery, last question. Would you play this game again?
Sally: You're making me look pretty good here, Avery. Thanks. Would you like the people on the internet to know anything else about the game?
Avery: The pieces are really cool cause they move all the time. I wanted to play, but I let my friends play for the first few games and I just watched them.
Sally: We call that "GMing" in the game business.
Avery: Mmm Hmm. But then I did get to play and there was a guy who kept saying that other people were doing it wrong and he wasn't nice, so my mom made him go home.
Sally: Yes. That also happens in the game business. Rules lawyers. Would you recommend buying the game to all of the internet folks?
Avery: Yep! There's SNAKES! Plus the magnet eggs are really fun, cause you can make them dance or you can make them wrap around your wrists to make power bands! Plus, they make a funny noise when they SLAM together. And you can make them stick to the top and bottom of your hand even though they're not touching at all!
Sally: Well thank you for your time, Avery. I'm glad you liked the game.
Avery: Mmm hmm. Can I keep it?
Sally: Sure. If you promise to do another review for me, okay?
This was Avery's first professional game review. He has since started a weekly gaming group with his friends and continues to pull people off of the street in his neighborhood to come play Rattlesnake. Avery lives in Minnesota with his family, his favorite subject is science, and is currently torn between becoming a TV animal show host or a zoo reviewer when he grows up.