The Chimes of Bedlam

By COCLCG, in Call of Cthulhu Deck Construction


3 x Jade Salesman
3 x Brood of Yig
3 x Deranged Diva
2 x Dangerous Inmate
2 x Demon Lover
3 x Somnambulant Dreamer
3 x Elise Warren
3 x Carl Stanford
2 x Crazed Arsonist
3 x Master of Amulets
3 x Thing from Nightmare
3 x The Terror of the Tides

3 x Hamu XX 15:14
2 x Get it Off!
2 x A Single Path
3 x Called to the Sea
2 x Scotophobia
3 x Power Drain
2 x Painful Reflection

This is the deck I've been working on. I'm still fiddling as I'd like a couple of Named by the Unnamable's in there as well and it's certainly nowhere near unstoppable. No deck is. And first you have to draw Hamu.

But of course all you need is a lunatic or 2, and once you've got the Hamu and Painful Reflection in hand it's bye - bye opponents draw phase (throw in a Power Drain and it's complete shut down).

Then there are the slightly more complicated combos like Master of Amulets / Hamu / Deranged Diva / (Scotophobia) to drive all the opponents characters insane during the draw phase in a (Scotophobia) / place Hamu / drive insane / pick up Hamu and extra card / ready insane by discarding with Master / place down Hamu again loop. It's actually quite a simple (3) card combo that ruins most Human decks.

Called to the Sea / Hamu is another simple every turn back in hand that shuts down most decks without investigation icons.

It's capable of withstanding Nodens with some Invulnerability and 4 Skill Characters as well.

To quote Damon's official response for those wondering:

Rule Question:
What is the proper timing for Prophesy cards?
E.g. Hastur's Hamu XX 15:14 says:
"Response: After a character is made insane, discard Hamu XX 15:14 from the top of your deck to choose up to two cards in your discard pile. Add those cards to your hand."
Can I choose the Prophesy card just triggered as one of the cards to be added to my hand from the discard pile?

Yes. You pay the cost of the card and then choose its targets.

Hastur is one faction I have yet to seriously explore. And I don't understand lunatics. They don't seem viable to me since you're putting your own board position as serious risk to get some rather mediocre efects. However, I can see how having multiple Deranged Diva refreshing and wiping the board can work. With some Lofts and Whispers in the Wind, this could be a more permanent and repeatable thing.

I still think the target and cost order will get "fixed." However, once you get 2 Hamus it will be the same thing. Maybe it will (should) get a limit per phase, too…

A bit of threadomancy but worthwhile noting that Hamu has been "fixed" in the sense that the FAQ clarifies the timing of it's use:

Can Hamu XX 15:14 return itself to its owner’s hand using it response ability?

Hamu XX 15:14 will not be able to return itself given the order of framework actions. Targets for Hamu XX 15:14 are choosen in step b of its resolution. However Hamu XX 15:14 isn’t in the discard (from the payment for the effect) until step e.

(FAQ v3.3)