Anyone use this setting? Please?

By Awesomeness, in Dawnforge

So I have been fascinated with Dawnforge since the first time I saw it. Unfortunately, I have noticed that no one else seems to share the feeling. Does anyone use the setting in any form, or with any system? I have been thinking about a game using the GURPS rules and would love to bounce ideas off of someone and share notes. Anyone out there with similar intentions or an already established game? I think this may be the best, unused setting out there. The writing itself is worth a look. And the world bleeds with adventure ideas and hooks. Needless to say, I love it and have been terribly disapointed that it hasn't gotten more attention.

FFGs. It doesn't look like there is much excitement for this gameā€¦ How much would it cost me to buy the rights?

Yes, I believe it is indeed a great setting. Used to have the books but ultimately sold them since I saw no real opportunity to ever play them. Other systems or settings kept coming up which were more interesting or appealing to my core gamer circle. I toyed around with the idea of starting a campaign but it never came to pass. Might be worth re-invigorating DAWNFORGE for 5E since the latest D&D scion is sorely lacking alternative campaign worlds and third party support imho.

GURPS, however, is off my radar.

I bought this setting when it first came out. Still havent run it or played in it but its on my bucket list. Great idea for a campaign.

I might do something with this setting after I do the Dragonstar setting first. Moving over to the Edge or GENESYS which was original intent but was going easily moving towards the EDGE and will stay with the edge since everything is falling into place, check it out. The main thing about Dawnforge is coming up with Racial Talent, as for the classes you can download any Fantasy setting for Edge and you have Dawnforge just tailor towards the setting.

I own the books and it is a fascinating setting, but we have never managed to get a game running in it.

Keep meaning to wave it at my players, but we are still in a long running Star Wars game.