I need help on how to play this game

By Isaac''sfantasy, in Ingenious Challenges

The Boardgamegeek community wouldn't help me they were no way supportive to answer my thread in a genuine manner. all they did was quote a piece of my post and answer its question in one sentence.. So one day I did a search to find the FFG forums and it work. now all I need to do is copy my BBG thread about this game and maybe I get some help here

for the card challenge gameplay ; it says to give out 6 cards to every player then set the remaining cards to form the deck. So lets say I go first, it says to draw the top card and place it in front of you - okay simple enough - okay so then I pick one card from my hand and match the symbols to the face-up card and scroe one point for that symbol. Okay I get it, but then at the end of the turn I resolve scoring points for both of the symbols on the card, I discard the faceup card in front of me and replace it with the card I just played. then I draw from the deck to replenish my hand back to 6 cards

let me stop here for a second, I don't understand. So here we have four players (or basicly me because I'm playing solo and I controll all four hands) Now we have a hand of six cards, each player draws from the deck and we take turns matching the symbols to the card that is in front of us. Then what baffled me is that the rules are saying we can take that card in front of us and put it in our hand, but where does the card that was played go to?

So then before drawing, we have to check the rows of the scoreboard in which has the fewest points, if I have no cards in my hand with a symbol matching that row, I may choose to discard the entire hand before drawing back up to six cards, so why would I do that?

for the dice challenge gameplay; I take the dice acorrding to the numbeer of players. So I roll the dices and resolve them one at a time by comparing the symbol on it to the symbols on the dice in front of the other players.

Let me stop here, so they are saying that when we get our set of dices, we all roll and each player take turns matching other players dices.? When it's my turn, who's set of dices do I match with, and do I roll my dice after so that the other player can take his turn?

So then I come to the part where it says wild score; When the result of a player's roll includes two matching symbols, he may choose to use them as a wild sccore instead of matching them to the other players' dice. Okay I understand that but what happens when the next player rolls his dice and match it with my dice. lets say I have two red starbusrts, does that player score two points for his one red starburst?

For the tile challenge gameplay ; I just couldn't follow it. Okay so I pick three random tiles and put it on the table right? so then I either have a choice, take a free score or take one tile and place it in front of me.

Here is where it gets really confusing; anytime a player draws a tile, he resolves it in one of three ways. it gives you three options

1. If the symbol on the tile matches a symbol on a tile he has already drawn, his turn is over…what? he moves all the of the tiles that are in front of himself to the center of the table - But wait a minute, I drew only one tile, why did it says to move them all. THIS PART I DON'T GET.

2. If the symbol on the tiles does not match a sombol on a tile he has drawn, his turn is over…AGAIN ? and then he moves all of the tiles to the center….again, what extra tiles.?

3. If the symbol on the tile matches one or more of the symbols on the tiles in the center of the table and it does not match a symbol on a tile he's already drawn, the player may score now or draw another tile…can someone clarify this one to me?