What feels better?

By CowboyJesus, in Cold War: CIA vs KGB

I love playing this game, a friend of mine and myself will frequently sit in a coffee shop and battle it out over cake! but what feels better……?

Crushing you opponent before they have even flipped their score card over or….

"Allowing" them to get to 95 points and then taking the sweeping victory from behind?

Having recently won two games doing the later I would have to say there is a certain amount of satisfaction doing it this way, they are two of the more memorable games at least gui%C3%B1o.gif . Share some stories.

I do love to crush my opponents in brutal fashion. But a good adversary who can keep it close, but you can sweep in at the end to victory is also sweet. And it keeps your opponents coming back for more.

I like beating CowboyJesus in a total whitewash, maybe 100-40. I like it best when the game is over so quick, i haven't finished my coffee because it means we can play another game of Cold War.