just 2 players

By David B, in Sky Traders

Hello all,

I am sorry, I have asked this same question on a couple of other board game threads, and I am sorry if it is really tedious - it really isn't meant to be…

Anyway, I mostly play games with my fiancee, others come and go, but generally most weeks we will have a couple of games, just the two of us.

I know this game says 2-4 players, but we have played a fair few games which are just a bit rubbish with two players (whereas there are loads of 3+ player games that work well with 2 with just minor alterations).

Anyway, I would be curious to ask how this game plays as just 2, if there are problems, any advice to remedy it.

Many thanks in advance,


Hey David,

I like this game a lot, but it's really meant for its full 5 players. You can play with less, but it just wont be as good. I played it with 2 and 3, and it just felt…lacking with so few people.

Here are a bunch of games that I have quite enjoyed playing with 2 people: Battles of Westeros, Horus Heracy, Twilight Struggle, Labyrinth: War on Terror, Tannhauser, Lost Cities, Battle Lore, Memoir 44, Pandemic, Arkham Horror, Talisman, Runebound, Death Angle, Gears of War, Ticket to Ride (one of the smaller maps, like Nordic Countries), Tide of Iron, Rune Age, Penny Arcade the card game, LORT Confrontation, Dust, Dungeon Quest, Cold War: CIA vs KGB, Blue Moon, Battles of Nepoleon, Beowulf Movie game (or kingdomes same basic game, like the beowulf one more thouhg), Anima card game.

wow that list ended up being a lot longer than i had inteded, but i hope this helps!!

All she dose is get sludge as I'm trying to buy and sell and it's all to easy for her to stop my stuff going up, yet, sludge stays high enough for her to win so the only thing I could do is go rouge and blast the crap outa her.