Character Sheet does not match description RE Skills

By Pappystein, in Proofreading Changes

So throughout the book in dealing with Skills there is talk of a -20 modifier for unknown skills, then a 0 Modifier for Known skills. Trained Skills get a +10 Modifier.

ISSUE! The Character Sheet has put trained skills as a +0 Modifier location as if it were meant to mean KNOWN SKILL.

Craig P

Aye, I think it just needs the "Trained" bit above the first box to be changed to "Known" - that'd solve the problem.

Also on the character sheet it has a section for "squadmate", which i think was meant for the comrades.

Also missing a space for those all important Aptitudes we found out when we started playing. And it really does need at least a space for the Regimental Kit that you get.