Chapter VI: Armoury

By ffgMark, in Proofreading Changes

Page 124


Finese should be Finesse

Page 126

Table 6-9

Hunter-Killer Missile special entry needs a dash like the other blank entries

Page 128

Plasma Pistols

Needs a full stop at end of paragraph.

Page 130


explosivess should be explosives

Page 130

Table 6-10

Smoke Grenades need double daggers in the special slot

There is nothing in the Starflare round special slot

The triple dagger note does not reference anything in the table

Not sure if it belongs here or in mechanics discussions, but eh.

Red Dot Sight should have an explanation of what it is. If it's red dot reflex sight, it's a sight and should provide a bonus of a quick target acquisition (as you don't need to align sights, you just place the dot over the enemy, whenever your eye is, as reflex sight has little parallax), not a BS bonus which is usually associated with magnification (ACOG sights do that for assault rifles, telescopic sights for sniper rifles) or targeting aids (movement prediction, range finding & bullet drop compensation, wind compensation etc.). If it's a laser sight, it's a targeting device that shouldn't take the place of an actual sight on top of the weapon, it should have an option to emit a preysense-visible beam instead of a visible dot and should provide bonuses to shooting without aiming (as you can aim by the dot instead). Mechanically, it could do anything from granting Hip Shooting-like benefit to increasing Initiative.

The sniper rifle lists a bipod as a provided upgrade, but it doesn't have any effect. IMHO, sniper weapons should be their own subclass, as they posess unique capabilities of finding weak spots in armour and anatomy (currently represented by a specific paragraph in the Accurate quality; it has its loopholes, though, for example a Cadence Widower device from Dark Heresy, when fully assembled, suddenly becomes a lot deadlier than its pistol version), but they also require a steady fire base (bracing and/or bipods) for long-range shooting and increased maintenance (frequent barrel replacements, for example, for both long-las and SP rifle).

Needle weapons, while described as silent, lack any associated mechanical bonuses, but are able to mount suppressors. Why? They should be nigh-impossible to hear instead (-40 to Awareness test to hear it and only from quarter the usual distance, for example).

There should be an option for suppressing las weapons in Only War, something like Whisper-Bolt from RT:HA. That would be very useful for an airdropped special operations squad which has to operate for a long time behind enemy lines (so suppressed autoguns are a bad logistical option), for example a covertly dropped Elysian Veteran squad.

Chameleoline Doctrine lists chameleoline-coated armour as possible equipment, but it's not present within the book.

Amputator Shells are +2 to Damage and Extremely Rare, Expander Rounds are +1 to Damage and Penetration (so cause equal damage against armored foes) and are Scarce. Aren't Amputators a bit overrated?..

Manstopper Bulltets increase Penetration by 3, is that a typo? It sets Pen to 3 in earlier books… but it's more logical this way anyway (a Sniper Rifle loaded with AP .357 rounds will indeed have a Pen of 6 and would penetrate light tanks and power armour).

Locator Matrix does provide a volume of data but it doesn't have any mechanical bonus. It should have +10 or +20 to Navigation (Surface) or something.

I think the +10 to BS bonus from Good Quality MIU should be transferred to MIU Weapon Interface, so it could either be used to enhance precision of a specifically-modified weapon (+10 to BS tests, requires some kind of a sight and installed temperature/ammo sensors, allows to aim a weapon without looking, fire from around corners etc.) or to fire a shoulder-mount as a Free Action. It's almost too good this way, though…

Page 132
obcenely should be obscenely

Table 6-12: Melee Weapons
Knife is missing a dash in the special column

All Melee Weapon Entries
This a one-handed melee weapon.
Should be
This is a one-handed melee weapon.
This a two-handed melee weapon.
Should be
This is a two-handed melee weapon.

Page 139
Hot-Shot Charge Pack
Is it lascarbine or las carbine (consistency error)
In the weapon’s entry it is las carbine.

Page 141
Table 6-19 Force Fields
Third column should have kg in brackets. Or to stay consistent with the other tables each weight entry should include kg and it should be removed from the header.

Page 142
chameleoline cloak
In the first sentence there should be a full stop after surroundings.

Page 142
Clip/Drop Harness
harnasses should be harnesses

Page 143
Excessive Drug Use and Addiction
Last sentence in the first paragraph needs a full stop.

Page 146
…and rendering him0 Immobilized. Should be …and rendering him Immobilized.

Page 147
For the effects of craftsmanship on cybernetics, some are bulleted and others are not.

Page 149
Luminen Capacitors
Channeled should be Channelled

Page 150
Memorance Implant
consistes should be consists

Page 155
Imperial Guard Vehicles
Inconsistency in brackets; in the Demolishers Multi-Melta should the entry Blast (1) be Blast [1]

I notice that man-stopper ammunition has reverted to its pre-errata DH version, where Pen is increased by 3 (and not increased TO 3, like it has been in all the other games).

Is this correct?