Fantasy Flight Booth question.

By bill257, in Fantasy Flight Games Gen Con Experience

How many are there usually and how large is the booth area. I haven't been to Gencon since 2003 and wasn't a big board gamer back then. I decided at the last minute to go this year. However all of the fantasy flight events i'm interested in are sold out so I am expecting to just spend most of my day in the exhibit hall checking demos of games.

If you haven't registered for any FF events, most if not all are full.

As far as the booth, it will be pretty good size this year as WotC is focusing on events and will not have a booth. They will have more stuff going on in the events and in the halls.

Here is a map of the Indy CC:

Here is the GenCon 2013 exhibit hall map:

As you will see FF has the largest area this year. It's still roughly the same size as last year but less spread out.

Just realized the OP was from last year. Oh well the information is still valid if anyone comes across it or needs it.

Thanks for the info even a year late. I actually planned ahead and got into all the fantasy flight games I wanted this year. Its crazy for how quickly everything sells out, and how big fantasy flight is at GenCon that this board is so quiet. I was able to get into a few games due to last minute drops and x-wing getting added late last year as well. But the booth area was so packed I didn't get a chance to demo anything.