One question for Kevin ^_^

By Aegon, in Descent: Journeys in the Dark

Subject: Hi Kevin! 5 min for one great fun, please

my name is Simone, and i am a member of the association " Il Cappello della Strega".
Me and my friends play Descent with all expansions in our campaign since years.
Descent is amazing! Every friday evening i have fun with friends by plaing with it, from about 3 year!

I have to ask if can you tell me some tips and trick. I want to improve the challenges for my firends and know the best strategies.

Road to Legend use a lot of monsters from the basic game (except some dungeons introduced with Tomb of Ice), so i have a question: can i use other monsters (beast of chaos, golem, etc) instead of basic monsters and keep the same challenges level? is there a sheet or table that allow me to switch monsters and keep the same difficult level? so i can use all expansion monsters in my campaign. If it does not exist how can i change monsters?

I notice, as Overlord, that with the expansion Tomb Of Ice, the hero collects a lot of Feat card (1 card every gliph activated).
This card help heroes to dodge my attacks and avoid my trap and ambush easy. I don't know what to do, how can i deal with this powerful cards?

As Overlord i find hard to collect conquest point by defeat heroes; Feat cards, Skills and mighty weapons unbalance the game and make heroes very powerful; how can i make it hard for heroes?
Thanks a lot for your help and really thanks to Descent, that allow me to meet my firends and, after 4 years, still continue play it together and have fun!

Thanks again from all "Il Cappello della Strega" staff and sorry for some english mistake.
Poggi Simone