Multiple trap cards on chest/doors

By Pimply, in Descent: Journeys in the Dark

Simple question: Are you allowed to play multiple trap cards on chests or doors?

Scenario: Heroes open a chest, and overlord plays a trap card. Hero plays feat card which cancels trap card (feat card played was like if overlord plays trap card on a friendly hero within 3 spaces away the trap card goes away, and the overlord still pays the threat cost). At this point the overlord is a little upset, and asks if he is allowed to play another trap card on that same chest, after the first one has gone away.

Past Rulings: In the past when we have encountered this for a door trap we interpreted the rules as such: If the hero opens a door the overlord plays a trap card, the effects of the card takes place. The only way the overlord would be able to play another trap on that same door would be if he were to close the door, and the heroes would attempt to open the door again.

*Please keep in mind, this was our first time playing with feat cards, and this was on the very first map of Tomb Of Ice.

Our ruling: We used the same ruling from the door, and stated that when the chest was triggered he attempted to play the card and it went away (due to the feat card). We did not allow him to play another trap on the chest, because the trap could only be played when the chest is triggered, which can only be triggered once.

I wanted to throw this out there to the group, and see if this was the correct ruling. If it was the correct ruling, is that the correct reasoning behind it, or is there another reason? If this is incorrect, i would really love to hear the ruling on that as well.

Thanks in advance.

Only one card can be played per triggering condition, Feat cards or not...

If a Trap card is cancelled via Disarm, the OL may play another Trap card on the same trigger - see FAQ.

Parathion said:

If a Trap card is cancelled via Disarm, the OL may play another Trap card on the same trigger - see FAQ.

Page 17-18 of the FAQ

Q: Feat Card
"Preventing Evil": If
the OL has played a Spawn/Power/Event/Trap card and
the card was successfully cancelled via said Feat card, is
the OL allowed to play another Spawn/Power/Event/Trap
card in the same turn or off of the same triggerâ–º
A: Yes and Yes.