Yithian deck on eBay

By dequesi, in CoC Trade Forum

Hi guys,

I had a sealed Yithian deck lying around. They seem to have some value, so I put it up on eBay . It's the Spanish edition by the way.

I made new scans of my own copy and I tried to compile as much info on it as I could, so I hope it's interesting even for those not willing to buy ;-)

Looks like you ended up getting a decent amount out of your deck. Not as much as I would have expected, though. Maybe the transition over to the LCG format has devalued older CCG promos to some extent?

I have a sealed Yithian deck myself. Mine is in English however. I wonder if there is any interest out there...

Hi there,

I'm interested if someone is ready to sell his deck. Preferably English, but doesn't have to be sealed.
I'm also interested in other promo (CCG only) and rare cards as well.

Please contact me via email ([email protected]) because I don't visit this forum too often.