You Can't Take the Sky From Me!

By Slipstream, in Sky Traders

I'm liking the looks of this game. Though I'm also paying attention to Kings of Air & Steam . This game has a little of a lot of my favorite games and I think my friends will dig this. Settlers in the Sky, some may call it. Might as well milk the airship craze while you can.

You know, your coat's kind of a brownish color...

Sadly very small map - only 14 tiles. sad.gif

I like games from "DUST GAMES" and revised ARCANA is my favourite, so... Sky Traders also can be cool. Is this game connected to another game - Mad Zeppelin?

Looks interesting to me, and love the Firefly nod in the thread title...

Definitely need to add this to the library. Love the airship theme. Love the artwork. Mal would approve.