How Is The Game

By MinionOfProvidence, in Nexus Ops

Once i saw the trailer for this game i almost bought it right there but i wanted to wait and see what other people thought. How is it length wise? Does it take a long time to learn how to play and is it easy to teach others how to? The Board and figures look AMAZING! but that does not always make a game so please let me know if you think this is a game worth buying

Agreed. I too wish to know more. How good is replay value? Should I just wait for Fortress America? I also heard there is a token discoleration for some of the variant tokens. Is this true?

The rules for Nexus Ops are pretty easy to understand and not at all hard to explain. The modular board and rules variants keep the game from getting stale but if you play too often I could see it wearing thin after a while. While I have heard of discoloration on some of the variant explore tokens I didn't notice it in my copy. Overall I'm quite pleased with my purchase and would recommend it to anyone who likes DoaM games.

Goddamn fun is what it is! I've been playing it like mad with my group of friends for the past 2 weeks. It's simple, fast-paced and contains a fair amount of strategy off-set only ever so slightly by some usual dice-rollin' randomness. Plus the whole theme of vile space-corporations duking it out over a moon is pretty well-realized with the beasts and terrain and whatnot. Overall I'd say it's a worthwhile purchase for those who dig strategy games.

Does it play well AND is it fun with only 2 payers?

That alone would be the selling point for me.

Easy to learn and to understand, games are under 2 hours. Once you know the rules, 2-3 player games can be played in about just 1 hour. Fun but not too deep.

It is a great game that is easy to learn and play, but the game is best with 3 or 4 players. However, I have had entertaining games of Nexus Ops with just 2 player, and there are suggested special setups for this.

If someone wanted to teach a new player to the game (especially if they are not a wargamer), I would say that a one on one game is the way to go and even guide the new player when certain conditions or situations come up that new players might not be aware.