Collectors Edition in Hand - Roll Call

By ItsUncertainWho, in Black Crusade Collectors Edition

I received mine this morning.

The cardboard packaging is less ornate than Deathwatch, but more than sufficient to protect the book and case.

#671 Lord Xanotos Shrike

Received mine just a few hours ago.

#221 - Thanatos

Slight Correction for mine.

The Box was marked #671

The Book was marked #073


Got mine delivered this morning :)

Number 65



Sorry...the box number was 65 but the Book itself is 175.

The Book is great quality, more so than the Deathwatch Collectors Edition for me personally, which I found the pages to be a bit too faded for my taste.




Received mine today. #414 - Grimslock Shourafein

Unfortunately mine was severely damaged , having a terrible tearing on the top left section. Contacted already FFG and waiting for their response. The book is nice, however the whole "Collectors Edition package" it is not even close to the quality of the DW coll.edition. (of course not the same price).

I have been cursed!

Copy #303 received by Ioseph Dydimos (the Heretek) 3 days ago.

I was really lucky; there was no damage although the package was clearly opened by the italian customs (and survived the experience), and the only thing that was almost totally destroyed was the polystyrene holding the case.

Perhaps the case is not on the same level as the Deathwatch one but, overall, i'm satisfied by the quality of this CE happy.gif

Heretic # 298 "Xerxes Kahn" Alpha Legion champion reporting in. Death to the carrion god! Mine arrived without major damage. There is a 5 mm light abrasion on the guilt edging from a spot of dried glue on interior of the case that i guess was rubbing against the guilt edging during transit (the book is a tad bit loose inside the case, I thought). Mine also was opened by U.S. customs going into Canada, but was handled professionally. (packing styrene was obliterated though, and it was hard to get all those staticly charged styrene particles off the case and book.) Nice package overall. Not the best, But I was happy. Especially since my best friends pitched in to get it for me for my birthday! gran_risa.gif

small correction : Book No: 275 , Box No . 414

Mine finally came. #037 =D Free copy of Hand of Corruption tossed in due to the wait and mix up too.

Got mine about two weeks ago, numbered 554.

….and mine is already falling apart.

This is unacceptable.