Looking forward to this one, too...

By SuperKalelJorson7, in Rising Sun, Falling Shadows

I've read the two Arkham novels and Free Fall and really liked them. I've loved the Tannhauser setting since the game belonged to Take On You and I'll be buying this one, too (especially if it has a promo card or something).

Well, since they're on a roll...

How about a Grimm, Twilight Imperium or Terrinoth novel?

I am looking forward to reading this one as well. I really like the setting of the game. It should be fun read.

The colors they used for the cover art make my eyes bleed.

Now that the book is actually released (at least in the USA): Are there any comments from those who have already bought and read it? At least I'd be interested.

You know, I saw that it's available for the Nook, but I buy real books and according to the Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites, it's not due to January of 2013(?). I'll be happy to write a quick little review when I get it.

I have too say I was pleasantly surprised of how good I thought this book was, sure, ther were some parts that I didn't like that much but it could have been a lot worse. And I rely think Jeschonke (I think that was the name of the author) made a super good job of bringing our favourit heroes and villains to life. How he captured Itami's personality is probably the best part of the book (according to me). I would give this book 6.9/10, since it has some flaws and there are some parts that could have been cut, but it is amusing and you won't feel bored while reading it. So if you haven't read it and like Tannhäuser, you should read it as soon as possible.

I mostly agree with you, MeisterH. For those who have not read the novel and would like to read a (long) review, you can find my review here:


MeisterH said:

How he captured Itami's personality is probably the best part of the book (according to me).

I feel the same way, and I believe Miah wrote the same about Jeschonek's portrayal of Itami. I also really liked the way Jeschonek captured Irina's "Siren of Samarkand" persona. The novel itself felt somewhat unfinished because of the teaser at the end. Based on the end for this book and for Operation Night Eagle, it seems that there is a larger agenda in place. Hopefully, we'll eventually find out more about that agenda.

If you're interested, here are some of my theories based on the two books, though I should note that there are major spoilers for anyone who has not read the two books yet.


Hm, this book has (just in my own opinion) certainly some flaws. If it were not a Tannhäuser novel I had dropped it after a while. But there are still some quite good points, so I found it ok in the end. Maybe I will give some deeper comment after having finished it, there are still some pages to go. I do not want to give a false impression before really finishing the book. Until now, having read about 75% , I´d give it a score of 5.7/10.