Rules questions

By player199375, in Dust

Two Questions;

1. During the production phase if a player builds a new production center can he immediately use that same production center to build new units there in the same production phase.

2. What is a Round? Is a "round" the entire turn for all players or is each players turn a seperate round within the same turn? This came up in play today because of the "Secret Weapon" special ability. The description reads that it can only be used once a "round". However other Special Abilities state that the card can only be used during the combat phase. This would be an important distinction. If a "round" means the entire turn for everyone than thay ability can only be used once per turn. If however, "round" means each players turn then that ability could potentialy be used during every players individual turn.

3. Land Combat. If one player is attacking another player. If a player is attacking a land area that has a Production Center and land units located there and that attacking player has Priority and wipes out all land units does the production center get to return fire since the production center itself is never destroyed?

Thanks in advance.