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By matt486, in Aye, Dark Overlord!

Ado guys, wondering if you could help me out here:

I played ADO with my family today, it was the first time any of us had played the game and we really did have a great laugh playing it. I was wondering if there's any mechanism in the rules to stop the game grinding to a halt if none of the players have a 'Pass the Buck' card? This happened a couple of times, and when the only time you can draw an action card is if someone's passed the buck to you, the only thing we could do about it is automatically let the Dark Overlord choose his final withering look.

Did we miss something here?

Don't you draw cards if you pass the buck to someone else rather than when it's passed to you?

Other than that, we've generally held to the rule that the Dark Overlord is always allowed to switch the active player if he finds the current goblin's explanation of failure non-look-worthy. So... do a good job jabbering about stuff, pleading for mercy and rationalizing your own failure and the Big Boss just might decide he'd like to hear about a previous episode of your story from another goblin...

Cheers mate, I'll have a look at that rule again since it's possible I read it the wrong way around!

I think I answered my original question as well looking through the rules - when you're given a Whithering Look, you drop all your cards - not just the hint cards - and draw 3 of each. That should keep things moving a little bit!

when you're given a Whithering Look, you drop all your cards

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