Rockband Manager

By The Old Man, in Rockband Manager

OK, so not every game has to be an Arkham Horror or Gears of War.

Often these simpler games are great for when you just want to have fun without all the setup, and having to keep track of a ton of different things. I love playing the deeper games that FFG has to offer, but I'm really looking forward to this one. It's little more accessible for some of the people I game with that don't do well with the deep learning curves. Plus, who doesn't want to be a part of the biggest rock band in the world? Should be a ton of fun!

Could be a nice break from ruling the galaxy and beating up orcs :)

Looks like it could be a fun party / gateway game. If the reviews are good I'll give it a shot!

I would like to see more of the characters, but I love the art. The blond-goth girl is terrifically designed and I can't imagine the game not being thematically comical. I will be keeping an eye on this.

Kind of looking forward to this. My friends and I would play a game of Rock Band (the card game) every once in a while before we get to our RPGs or whatever. Not sure if this has anything to do with that game or not, but the description sounds pretty cool.

What a weird idea for a card game...

I like the theme. At least it's fairly original in the board game world. It's got great designer cred and the art looks like something from the Fairly Oddparents cartoon. Bright, colorful and quick play is never a bad thing.

I think FFG deserves some serious credit for making a lot of lower cost boardgames along with the beautiful huge productions they make. I'm looking to pick this one up along with the redesigned (and cheaper) CIA card game, Rune Age and Deadwood in the next year.

I´m pretty excited about this title and wish we had a release date on it. :)

Blood Bowl: Team Manager took me by suprise and turned out to be a great game (I normally dont go for card games). Over xmass the family got itself a full band setup for guitar hero so the theme is sorta fresh for the kids.

This game does remind me of an old computer game called "A Rockstar Ate My Hamster" so I know I have enjoyed this concept before and pretty good things can be done with it.

Hopefully it will live up to my expectations. :)

I love it. Right now my only issue is with the name. Sure, I know that the idea for this came before the Rock Band videogame franchise, but I still think that when you add "Manager" to the title, shortening it to just "Band Manager" would be a lot zippier. It just flows off the tongue a lot better. And having a zippy name is important for something like this, no? Anyway, that's my take.

But otherwise, I have absolutely nothing to say other than that I look forward to seeing this game in action.

Is this even released yet?